Mini-MBA Alignment Process

Mini-MBA Alignment Process

The Bottom Line Mini-MBA Alignment Process is an integrated employee development program. From its pre-training assessment to final composite report on results, the program guides participants through progressive learning segments, evaluates their progress and adjusts to their needs along the way. It is delivered in the following phases:


Online Assessment

An online, pre-training assessment is completed by both company executives and those employees who may be attending the training. Assessment results provide critical understanding of the gaps in alignment between senior management and prospective Mini-MBA participants.

Mini-MBA Core

The core Mini-MBA program is calibrated to meet the alignment needs identified through the pre-training assessment and is delivered in either a 3- or 5-day format depending upon the profile of the group.

Online Case Study

Four to six months after completion of the Mini-MBA, participants complete an online case study to assess their understanding of and ability to apply course materials.

Advanced Mini-MBA

The Advanced Mini-MBA is calibrated to meet the needs identified through the online case study and is delivered in either a 3- or 5-day format depending upon the profile of the group.

Online Assessment

Participants complete a final online assessment designed to evaluate their knowledge and ability to apply the concepts, tools and principles taught throughout both modules of the program.

Composite Executive Report

A composite executive report is prepared based upon a comparison of the pre- and post-training assessments. It provides a solid, data-driven profile of the change achieved as a result of training.

“Throughout the centuries there were men who took first steps down new roads armed with nothing but their own vision.”

Ray Rand

“Aim high, work hard, don’t give up.”

“There are no winners and losers: It is just that on some days other people’s performance may exceed your own.”

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