It is critical that organizations confront racism at both a personal and systemic level. They must tackle the structural and social practices within the organization as well as how they impact the world at large. While many organizations have created diversity programs with the hope that these systemic issues would be improved, many of these programs have not been optimized and in some cases have even failed. There are, however, proven approaches to improve hiring programs, disrupt biased behaviors, and support employees of color.

To realize true and sustainable change in an organization, individuals at all levels have tremendous work to do within themselves. As leaders and employees begin to recognize their own biases, histories, and daily behaviors from a new and inclusive perspective, the organization’s goals, profitability, and credibility get a boost. The Confronting Racism Workshop provides participants with insights and skills for embracing and having courageous conversations about race, diversity, and inclusion—acknowledging that it is everyone’s responsibility—not solely the job of those who are directly impacted by discrimination.

Confronting Racism is appropriate for all employees as well as formal and informal leaders at all levels who want to take a deep dive into their unconscious biases, ways in which they may be managing differences, and the effect these things may have on their personal and professional lives.

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Objectives and Outcomes

During the Confronting Racism workshop participants will:

  1. Define and discuss race-related terminology from a culturally astute perspective.
  2. Identify a personal race narrative and its impact on their perceptions, emotional reactions, interpersonal interactions, and behavior.
  3. Identify the concept of “lived reality” and recognize and acknowledge the validity of different lived realities.
  4. Identify and discuss the four levels of racism and recognize that racism comes from both internal and external forces that results in disparate treatment of others in personal, social, and work environments.
  5. Identify six strategies often used for managing interpersonal differences and relate them to their lived reality.
  6. Create awareness of the common occurrences of microaggressions and discover techniques to minimize the occurrence of and response to.
  7. Develop a Learn, Share, and Risk Action Plan towards racial equity.

Our Approach

This instructor-led (virtual or in person) workshop helps participants explore issues around racism from personal, societal, and organizational perspectives. They also learn fundamental concepts, have dialogue about their impact on others, and strengthen their knowledge of and resolve to improve equity on all levels. Without a doubt, the content of this workshop is sensitive, emotional, and may be challenging to confront, but it is necessary to create meaningful action and change. It is a learning and discovery experience unlike traditional workshops. When all aspects of this issue are explored, people are better able to address inequities that exist in our society and move the pendulum towards true racial justice.


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