Retreats for Leaders

High-performance leadership teams are the heart of successful organizations, but building cohesive leadership teams can be challenging due to the myriad issues leaders face: time pressures, inflated egos, differences in personalities, lack of alignment, communication issues, team-member motivation, strategic priorities, etc. To counterbalance these challenges, high-performing leadership teams must commit to finding opportunities to continually develop their capabilities, address important team issues, and discover ways to build and sustain a high level of performance. CMOE is an industry leader in providing results-driven and custom-designed leadership team development retreats or meetings that enable leaders to set direction and build a team that is aligned, focused, and committed to excellence. Each one is tailored to address the unique dynamics and critical business issues of the leadership team. Although each meeting and team is unique, CMOE’s leadership team retreats often cover topics like the following:

  • Organizational and team strategy
  • Leadership-skill development
  • Business planning
  • Problem solving
  • Organizational transformation and change
  • Talent management
  • Conflict resolution
  • Newly formed team building
  • Alignment across functions
  • Organizational growth
  • Organizational culture
  • Information exchange
  • Merger and acquisition integration
  • Innovation

Our Approach

Drawing from our vast library of tools, exercises, simulations, learning resources, instructional materials, and self and team assessments, CMOE is able to design and deliver retreats and meetings that address the unique, and often complex, needs of leadership teams. Our expert consultants help leadership teams break down barriers and get out of their comfort zone as they explore key issues and areas for change. The combination of focused facilitation and CMOE’s proven processes enables leadership teams to build new levels of cohesiveness, communication, trust, and growth.

Delivery Options

Leadership-development retreats can be held at an off-site location of the client’s choosing, or CMOE can recommend locations worldwide that add to the experience and enable teams to be highly focused on the issues under discussion. If leadership teams are unable to meet at an off-site location, CMOE can provide an experience that is close by to the business but feels like a world away.

“Coming together is a beginning, staying together is progress, and working together is success.”

~ Henry Ford

CMOE’s Leadership Team Development Process

Having a productive partnership with our clients is important to us. We believe that in order to work with a leadership team effectively, we need to be well prepared and create an experience that leads to positive results. Our typical process is as follows:


  1. Understand Client Strategy: CMOE seeks to understand the organization and the leadership team’s unique culture and philosophy, industry and marketplace, mission, strengths, and weaknesses.
  2. Define Specific Goals: We work with the client to establish expectations, objectives, and desired outcomes.


  1. Current State Analysis: Through research, interviews, focus groups, and assessments, CMOE can analyze the team to establish a baseline understanding of the development needs and issues.
  2. Present Recommendations: CMOE provides feedback, recommendations, and suggestions to the organization or leadership team about how to structure the development process or retreat.
  3. Review Recommendations: CMOE and the client collaborate on a recommended approach or design framework to ensure alignment with the needs of the leadership team.


  1. Plan the Implementation: CMOE and the client will establish specific steps, timelines, and plans for a successful leadership team development process or retreat.
  2. Implement: CMOE facilitators lead the retreat or alignment meeting and help the team identify plans and accountability measures to support the work done by the team following the meeting.
  3. Sustain & Measure: CMOE provides ongoing support and resources to help the leadership team be successful or engage in an ongoing process that will bring out the best in the team.

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