Continuous Improvement Coaching

The Continuous Improvement Coaching workshop is built on CMOE’s Coaching TIPS²™ and Coaching Skills programs but is directed towards organizations that are highly involved in the continuous-improvement process. Team leaders, coordinators, and/or facilitators learn how to interact with team members and other stakeholders in the team process using a coaching approach. While team leaders in these organizations may not have formal authority or fill official leadership roles within the team structure, they must still effectively manage and influence employee performance the team’s activities, processes, and relationships in order to facilitate a successful, collaborative team effort.

CMOE’s Coaching Model provides the foundation participants need to enhance the relationships they have with their team members so that they can achieve cohesion between diverse groups of people and be prepared to confront the challenges that they will ultimately face. Forming teams of people who have never worked together before, helping team members deal with the change process as they explore new ways of performing their work, and functioning as an effective liaison between members of the team and management or other stakeholders are just a few of the situations that require strong communication and coaching skills in the continuous-improvement environment.

Organizations with a continuous-improvement structure will find the Continuous Improvement Coaching workshop to be highly beneficial because it was developed with these principles in mind. The workshop incorporates the following tools and techniques to ensure that the learning is focused on the unique coaching needs of a continuous-improvement environment:

  • Case studies that are tailored to continuous-improvement coaching challenges, where team members need to influence and coach others without necessarily having formal authority.
  • Self-inquiry exercises that help participants examine their communication and coaching abilities. This helps them identify strengths and opportunities for improvement.
  • A practical coaching process that helps those involved in continuous-improvement initiatives open up two-way dialogue, build relationships, and establish a coaching culture across the organization.
  • Opportunities to practice and apply the skills.
  • Application and sustainability tools that give participants a consistent coaching framework and a shared understanding of the performance coaching process and its goals.

By blending continuous-improvement coaching concepts with practice and real-world application, participants develop their skills and confidence in influencing and coaching employee performance. This cutting-edge approach helps managers coaching others gain the ability to interact with associates and team members in a way that will motivate action, drive out fear, and maximize continuous-improvement performance through positive change.

“Studies show that 75% of coaching occurs informally during unplanned and unscheduled teaching moment.”


“If you are having difficulty communicating, the problem is usually found in the process (approach) you are using to communicate.”

“You can’t move on to something new until you have decided to let go of something old.”

Delivery Options

The Continuous Improvement Coaching program is available through a variety of delivery options

  • Classroom workshop
  • Virtual classroom workshop

This program is typically delivered in a one-day format; however, the length of this course is flexible and can be adjusted to fit the unique needs of the participants and client organization. CMOE also offers Train-the-Trainer services for clients who prefer to have an internal facilitator deliver the Continuous Improvement Coaching workshop material. To accommodate all types of situations, the program can also be built into an internal curriculum or development series. Possible pull out box (or combine with delivery options) Many of our performance coaching training materials and programs are available in multiple languages.

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