While CMOE has assisted clients with a wide variety of performance-improvement and organizational development challenges, one of our greatest strengths is program and curriculum design and development. The customized learning and performance-improvement solutions we have designed for our clients offer enduring value and support organizational strategies. We engage in ongoing research and continually fine-tune our programs to ensure that they remain relevant over time. When creating customized designs, learning experiences, and organizational development solutions, our goal is to help our clients build effective, sustainable, high-performance cultures. We provide design services and instructional content that speaks to all types of audiences, including new leaders, experienced leaders, supervisors, and employees. We can design the program or curriculum by tailoring previously developed CMOE content, blending our content with internal client material, or creating completely new content based on important competencies and needs. We believe that true collaboration with our clients is the best way to design customized organizational development solutions, and we work to build strong, lasting relationships with all of the clients we serve.

CMOE’s Customizable Learning Library

One of CMOE’s strongest capabilities is developing customized solutions to meet each organization’s unique needs. Our services range from delivering CMOE-designed programs off the shelf to providing full curriculum design for all types of audiences: new leaders and managers, experienced leaders and managers, employees, line supervisors, and executives. CMOE’s Design Team provides clients with the choice of three dif...

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Customized Leadership Development Programs

What kind of leadership-development program or curriculum is right for your organization? The answer, of course, is a learning event or series that is as unique as your organization, one that reflects your organization’s leadership competency development goals and builds lasting leadership talent at all levels. CMOE’s extensive track record—and our proven approach to designing Leadership-Development Programs for ...

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Full Curriculum Development and Design

CMOE recognizes that every organization is unique and understands that our clients need learning and development solutions that meet their specific (and sometimes complex) requirements. CMOE views the development and customization of a corporate training curriculum as an exciting challenge and a great opportunity to collaborate with our clients. Because of our extensive experience and dedicated Design Team, we are able to...

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Leadership Team Alignment Workshop

The Leadership Alignment Workshop is a process that guides intact leadership or management teams through a transformation designed to leverage capabilities or overcome specific challenges and create dynamic business results. Through each phase of this proven approach, CMOE helps a leadership team identify and solve business issues, examine and improve team dynamics, and support the development of individual leaders. ...

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Learning and Development Consulting Services

A shift is occurring around the world: all over the globe, organizations are challenging Learning & Development functions to change how they support the business and contribute to driving bottom-line performance. CMOE’s Learning Advisory Services help you grow the talent of your team in an effective, efficient way, equipping individuals and leaders at all levels with the skills and knowledge they need to deliver...

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