Strategic Leadership

Organizations need strong and capable strategic leaders who can motivate, coach, and inspire people to do strategic work that will help ensure the organization’s success over the long term. Contributors at all levels in the organization look to their leaders for direction and clues about how the future will unfold and how they can add distinctive value to the organization and ensure its success. CMOE’s Strategic Leadership Workshop provides leaders and managers with the skills and tools they need to successfully capitalize on the forces and events that shape their world, allowing them to become architects of the future within their area of responsibility. Leaders learn how to strategically position their Business-within-the-Business™ (function, department, or team) by creating their own unique, standalone strategy that aligns with and supports the organization’s overarching strategy. The workshop helps leaders see the big picture and find new ways for their team to contribute maximum value over the long run by operating from a more-strategic point of reference while still delivering on today’s expectations.

Objectives & Outcomes

Our Strategic Leadership workshop is designed to help leaders:

1. Deliver business results and meet shorter-term expectations in a way that supports the organization’s overarching mission, vision, and strategy.

2. Formulate strategy for their Business-within-the-Business™ and identify opportunities that will affect longer-term results.

3. Use strategic insight and business-strategy skills to create compelling business initiatives and strategic priorities for their area of responsibility.

4. Formulate and execute innovative strategic plans and activities.

5. Identify the tactics and objectives that will contribute to the successful execution of the strategy.

6. Involve their team members in executing strategic plans and creating Strategic Measures of Effectiveness™.

7. Enhance the strategic agility of their team.

“Initiatives bring clarity and focus to your strategy and begin the process for making your strategy actionable.”

Strategy is Everyone’s Job: A Guide to Strategic Leadership

“Mid-level managers in today’s business environment are required to be more adaptive and proactive.”

Strategy is Everyone’s Job: A Guide to Strategic Leadership

Our Approach

To maximize its effectiveness, CMOE customizes the Strategic Leadership workshop to the organization’s business setting and unique strategic challenges. The workshop is designed to be highly interactive and immediately applicable; participants use the strategic management skills they gain to begin formulating their own strategic plans during the learning experience. The following components are central to this dynamic program:

  • Case studies
  • Strategic-leadership assessment and self-inquiry exercises
  • Discussion groups
  • Skill-building lecturettes
  • Practical tools and resources

We can also provide ongoing sustainability services to support participants with application and implementation as they continue to build their strategic-leadership and strategic-management skills. Our talented facilitators have experience in a wide range of fields and offer a unique perspective to the program. Participants receive individualized attention and feedback on their leadership style and strategic-leadership skills and capabilities and walk away from the experience with an integrated and aligned set of skills and tools.

Delivery Options

The Strategic Leadership workshop can be delivered in a one-day, one-and-a-half-day, or two-day format. It can also be incorporated into a leadership retreat or leadership-development curriculum. For clients who prefer to utilize their in-house trainers, we offer Train-the-Trainer services for the Strategic Leadership workshop as well as our other learning initiatives.

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