Strategy Development Processes and Services


For organizations to be positioned for success over the long term, each function, department, and individual must figure out how to align with and support the organization’s overarching strategy. Every member of the organization needs to be engaged in supporting the broader strategic vision of the business, finding ways to contribute unique strategic value, helping harvest strategic opportunities and navigating around obstacles to success.

CMOE has a variety of programs, services, and tools to help leaders at all levels and their employees maximize their ability to think and act strategically to achieve short- and long-term goals. Our strategy offerings are used in a variety of industries around the world by hundreds of CMOE’s client organizations. Follow the links below to decide which options might be right for the unique needs of your business or give us a call to discuss how to elevate the strategic thought and action in your organization.

Applied Strategic Thinking ® Workshop

CMOE’s Applied Strategic Thinking™ workshop is designed to help all members of the organization—leaders and individual contributors alike—find a balance between meeting today's expectations and requirements and reaching for tomorrow's possibilities by thinking and acting in a strategic way. This rich and engaging learning experience helps participants develop strategic-thinking skills they can use in the real world. The workshop is based on...

Strategic Leadership

Organizations need strong and capable strategic leaders who can motivate, coach, and inspire people to do strategic work that will help ensure the organization’s success over the long term. Contributors at all levels in the organization look to their leaders for direction and clues about how the future will unfold and how they can add distinctive value to the organization and ensure its...

Strategic Teaming

In the environment in which we work—time pressures, multiple and often competing organizational demands, and diversity of perspectives—it is essential for leaders to foster collaboration within intact teams, cross-functional teams, or across geographies in support of strategic initiatives. We call this strategic teaming. In the Strategic Teaming workshop the focus is on building client-centered collaboration and teaming to address the strategic challenges and opportunities facing...

Strategy Development Processes and Services

Strategic Development Processes and Services are designed to introduce a common strategy language and applicable skills that organizations need for navigating strategic shifts and developing new sources of competitive advantage. This is a working strategy session that is customized and designed to address the unique needs, issues, and opportunities of the firm, business unit, or area of the business. The bulk of each session...

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