Training for Facilitators

As organizations strive to get the most out of their current talent and build the next generation of talent, it is becoming increasingly important to have outstanding facilitators who can help employees and leaders excel in their current assignments while also being prepared for future opportunities. The most successful and competitive organizations know how important it is to be committed to ongoing facilitator training and development.

The Facilitation Skills for Trainers workshop provides people who are responsible for delivering training or instruction with the tools and strategies they need to engage learners and maximize the effectiveness of their training programs. It is the ideal solution for training managers, subject-matter experts, instructors, or anyone else in the organization who is involved in facilitating training and instruction and needs to have advanced facilitation skills.

The learning experience offered in Facilitation Skills for Trainers focuses on improving a facilitator’s ability to evaluate participants’ training needs, engage learners, introduce concepts and skills, support people in the development of critical skillets, and assist their participants with creating application plans that will ultimately lead to greater success on the job. Additionally, this workshop builds on the facilitator’s current presentation skills and explores how they might design their presentations to be more dynamic, interactive, relevant, and practical for their audience.

Facilitator Training Objectives & Outcomes

Participants in the Facilitation Skills for Trainers workshop learn how to

  • Apply adult-learning concepts to each training experience and create powerful learning tasks.
  • Connect with and respond to the needs of diverse learners (style, personality, culture, gender, etc.).
  • Create energy and provide a dynamic, interactive, relevant, and experiential classroom experience.
  • Read and diagnose the audience’s needs and adjust their approach to facilitation accordingly.
  • Present training content in a way that is effective, interesting, exciting, and relevant for trainees.
  • Conduct an insightful debriefing of an assignment, exercise, case study, etc.
  • Stimulate dialogue and create conditions for high levels of participation from the training group.
  • Manage difficult participant behaviors and group dysfunction.
  • Help participants transfer and apply the skills, concepts, and knowledge to their work.

“Good teachers never teach anything. What they do is create the conditions under which learning takes place.”

~ S.I. Hayakawa

Our Approach To Facilitator Training

CMOE has been a leader in the learning and development field for over 35 years. In the Facilitation Skills for Trainers workshop, we draw on our vast experience as we help participant-facilitators develop and hone their ability to be more effective in their roles. CMOE facilitators also use their expertise and experience to model and demonstrate the desired skills and tools.

One of the hallmarks of the Facilitation Skills for Trainers workshop is its ability to help participant-facilitators draw on their natural strengths and identify opportunities to build on their current approach in a way that is relevant to their unique facilitation style. Participants learn by practicing new skills during video-recorded simulations that allow participants to showcase their facilitation skills in a genuine training experience. Through immediate feedback and review of the recording, participants develop the skills necessary to become first-class trainers. We also incorporate other exercises and design elements into the workshop that are designed to increase the participants’ focus and awareness of the things they need to be doing to ensure learning transfer in the organization.

Delivery Options

The Facilitation Skills for Trainers workshop is delivered over the course of two days, but it can be delivered in a modular format if that approach is more appropriate for the needs of our clients. The workshop is led by one or two experienced CMOE facilitators at a location of your choice.

We also offer Leading Groups to Solutions, a facilitation-skills workshop that provides a framework for managers to develop the facilitation skills they need to help their team reach its full potential, solve problems, and make decisions in a collaborative way.

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