Every year, we have the opportunity to assist great organizations with the design and implementation of talent development and performance improvement initiatives. These organizations range from Global 100 to small independent businesses. Many have provided us with feedback on our work and the outcomes they have experienced. Here are a few examples of what they had to say:

“They [CMOE] are a great vendor. Their instructors gain excellent rapport with all the students, agents, inspectors, and others. We are quite pleased and happy with our partnership with them. Coaching Skills is a super course and has the highest rating of all the courses we offer.”

Ruth White
Leadership Institute Program Manager, Law Enforcement Agency within the US Department of Justice

“We have experienced a 16% increase in productivity for six straight years after implementing the Coaching Skills, Teamwork, and Facilitation Skills training programs from CMOE in alignment with their lean manufacturing principles.”

Dave Pfeifle
Former CEO, Global Manufacturer and Seller of Hydraulics and Electronic Systems

“The two most common comments we receive from this particular evaluation was that this workshop was the most valuable workshop they have ever attended, and that they believe all leadership individuals should attend a CMOE workshop.”

Mike Gurr
Workforce Planning and Development, Retail and Grocery Supercenters

“I continue to believe that CMOE and its staff are all about class and quality.”

Phil De La Torre
Organizational Training and Development Manager, Oil and Gas

“Dear CMOE staff,

What an absolutely spectacular retreat we had this weekend. I would like to compliment you all for the very hard work and effort that it must have taken to plan, coordinate, supply and make this retreat happen. Absolutely a great job! My team got to do something that few professionals will ever experience. I truly believe that you not only have made a lasting impression on them all, but in fact have changed the lives of a few.I would also like to congratulate you for meeting all of the requirements I had requested for this retreat:

Beautiful, remote, and rugged landscapes
A mentally challenging experience
Physical hardship that stretches each team member
A good balance of action versus reflection and learning
Superior professional guides
Medical support staff
A very tough assignment, which you delivered on each and every count! We also very much appreciate the splendid weather that you arranged! I’m not sure how you’re going to top this one, it was an A+. We had a blast. Thanks for helping us grow as a team.”

Dirk Jones
Business Unit President, International Food Provider

“Dear Matt, In January, I identified the necessary criteria for a coaching workshop. I actually didn’t expect to find one that included everything; however, CMOE’s Coaching Skills Workshop did this. The staff at CMOE worked with me to answer any concerns and to ensure that the workshop addressed all of my needs. I believe that CMOE’s Coaching Workshop is successful because it is based on research, is developed around adult-learning theory, and contains these components:

Coaching model
Assessment instrument to identify individual’s baseline of coaching skills
Guided practice
Ability to build on our performance-management system
Customizable with our examples
Coaching behaviors defined
Action plan to ensure behavior change
How do I know that there has been a behavior change in the attendees? I’ve seen supervisors, who previously wouldn’t address difficult issues with employees, address these issues; end up with a plan for change; and obtain buy-in from the employees. They did this by using the skills and tools from CMOE’s workshop.

I feel confident that CMOE’s Coaching Skills Workshop is the very best available. Thank you for supporting me in the implementation of this training.”

Cindy Allen Stuckey
Manager Employee Development, Manufacture of Insulation Materials

“Friends, I hope you are having a great Wednesday. I recently attended a workshop that was wonderful. It was really for upper management and how to manage people and projects. The workshop was held by CMOE (Center for Management and Organization Effectiveness) and was titled, “Coaching Skills.” The workshop centered around people in management who have projects assigned to them and their departments. The workshop shows how to effectively delegate projects, and how to get people to complete their projects successfully and on time.I know that I sound like a commercial for the company, but I just thought it was a great workshop for people who manage people or projects.”

T. Edwards
Manager, Marketing Solutions Company

“Here is a summary of the process we took to determine that CMOE was the best vendor to use for our unique training needs: Training-Need Analysis (managers, supervisors and employees) for 5,000 people. The airline completed more research than ever before with any other training program in identifying and selecting a program. Determined that coaching skills was a high need – had to have a positive focus, applicability, and be easy to use. Began with sixteen vendors and then narrowed the vendors down to six. Pilot workshops from all six vendors were conducted. Pilot group consisted of participants from six major work areas within the airline carrier – Flight Attendant, Technical Operations, Aircraft Loading, Customer Service, Airline Reservations, and Training. Evaluating the pilot workshops: Real-time evaluations – done immediately after the course Two week follow up evaluations CMOE workshop was rated #1 in both types of evaluations.
Coaching Skills was identified as most usable, applicable, and easy to understand. Coaching Skills was also the best liked and most remembered Many trainers have been certified inside the organization and they have taught the program to more than the initial target of 5,000 people.”

Wayne Wallace
Learning and Development, International Airline Carrier

“Win-Win Partnerships works! I have used it and have seen others use it effectively. The material is sound, the coaching model is excellent, and its application will result in greater personal satisfaction, greater organizational success, and a more harmonious society for the 21st century.

Randolph Pohlman
Dean, School of Business and Entrepreneurship, Private University in Florida

“I wanted to let you know that the managers and partners who have been through the Strategic Leadership program continue to give this program high rankings and see it as highly applicable to their jobs and functions. They are beginning to create a consistent platform and way to define strategy which is causing people to act differently and see things strategically at all levels of the business. This is exactly what we need.”

Tony Herrera
Director-Leadership Development, Schreiber Foods

“I am still hearing VERY POSITIVE FEEDBACK from the entire company on the strategic thinking simulation and the overall learnings from the event. I don’t think I truly gave you all enough ‘props’ publicly when I took the mic but it really got people thinking and affirmed the things we are doing (AND DOING WELL) to create a high performance culture here.”

Adrienne B
Vice President – Human Resources, Global Asset Management Company

“The programs offered by CMOE are the most well received programs by Solvay Employees. The courses provide a very practical approach and are easy to learn and remember the concepts. The way CMOE staff conduct and facilitate is remarkable, progressive, engaging, and very enjoyable.”

Anne de Beer
Director – Global Management Training, Solvay

“To this day, we are still actively score keeping at all levels of the organization and the scorecards are used routinely and often to coach, give feedback and improve our operations. As a result of the Bottom Line Leadership process, we were able to reduce re-work and scrap, increase yield and flow time, and improve overall plant efficiency by over 15%.”

Brad James
Plant Manager, Manufacture of Transportation Products and Services

“The following is from participant ratings, data, and feedback on the overall training sessions consisting of five topic areas. Excellent facilitators, great energy and focus. Cordial, respectful, kept it fun! Excellent facilitators with great communication skills. Great personalities/openness/very collaborative/excellent positive attitude. It is clear that these people love their jobs; they are very enthusiastic.” Marcia Drysdale, Country Training Coordinator, International Food Provider “In today’s chaotic business environment, leaders need new tools to be effective. In this book, Win-Win Partnerships, Starcevich and Stowell have provided us with a systematic approach for coaching employees to higher performance levels. It’s a must-read for leaders at any level of the organization. The Coaching Model is a real tool for real leaders that really works.”

Carol A. Otto and George Benskey
General Manager and Area Manager, Telecommunications Provider

“Members of CMOE are skilled practitioners and have the unique ability to combine their years of experience, knowledge, credibility, intuition, and keen insight in the classroom to ensure their learning events are nothing short of perfect.”

Jim Wilcox
COO, Sauer-Danfoss

“I was one of your participants with [Anonymous Organization]. I just wanted to say that your program was absolutely fabulous. It was really great to get a better understanding of who we are and the different behavioral traits we all have.”

George Smith
Southeast Region Manager, Manufacturer of Towing and Recovery Equipment

“You can’t move on to something new until you have decided to let go of something old.”

“Obstacles are things a person sees when he/she takes his/her eyes off of the goal.

— E. Joseph Cossman

“To say the right thing at the right time, keep still most of the time.”

— John W. Roper

Overview of Course Feedback

Here are some comments provided directly from multiple workshop participants who were all managers for a global communications organization: