Organization Transformation & Change

Nearly every organization needs to reinvent itself from time to time—and all businesses need to make periodic improvements in how they operate. For nearly 40 years, CMOE has been in the business of facilitating and accelerating organizational development, transformation, and change in order to help our clients contribute more value to their customers and maintain relevance in the marketplace.

CMOE’s priority is to provide our clients with solutions that are perfectly suited to their needs. We don’t believe that a “one size fits all” approach will do the job. Instead, we use a combination of tools and methods that may include data gathering, interviews, observations, focus groups, direct experience, and assessments to formulate solutions for our clients.

Our Approach

In order to truly understand organizational development and change, many factors need to be considered. Organizations are complex, comprised of many interrelated parts; each element of the network links together and, when they work together properly, they will produce the desired outcomes. Successful organizational development and change requires a deep understanding of the strengths and weaknesses in these areas. Once CMOE has the necessary understanding of the organization and its challenges, practical, focused plans and solutions aimed at achieving enduring results can be identified and implemented.

Our organizational development or transformation efforts can focused in a variety of areas:

  • Communication and information systems
  • Organizational goals, mission, and strategy
  • Organizational values, norms, and beliefs
  • Organizational culture, morale, and climate (individual thoughts, feelings, and behaviors)
  • Organizational structure and reporting relationships
  • Processes and systems
  • Policies and procedures
  • Conflict and team dynamics

CMOE has a team of experienced, highly educated professionals who are dedicated to helping our client organizations grow, improve, and flourish. Their end goal is always to help our clients transform into exceptionally successful, high-performance organizations.

Our team works closely and collaboratively with each client throughout the transformation and change process to ensure positive results.

CMOE also specializes in designing and implementing effective sustainability programs that will support your organization, as needed, with ongoing guidance and solutions to ensure that the organizational transformation and change is sustained over time.

If your organization is interested in development, transformation, and change, contact a member of our team. We would love to discuss how CMOE can become a trusted partner for your organization.

“Organization success comes through the courage and willingness of leaders to invest the time and energy to enable others to reach their potential and, in turn, help the organization achieve its vision.”

~ Steven J. Stowell, Ph.D.

“Leaders have a duty to ensure that their resources are used in a way that supports the overarching direction in which the firm is moving.”

~ Stephanie S. Mead

“The word ‘crisis’ is from the Greek, meaning ‘a moment to decide.’ The current moments of crisis and decision when understood are growth junctures, points of initiation which mark a release from one state of being and a growth into the next.”

~ Jill Purce

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