Bottom Line Leadership Training

Bottom Line Leadership is a powerful process that creates an immediate and long-term quantitative difference in your organization’s profitability and productivity by helping participants build the management and leadership skills needed to accelerate specific performance improvements throughout the organization. The Bottom Line Leadership training course bridges the gap between scorekeeping or metrics and the behaviors and leadership practices that are necessary to truly drive improvement on key areas for business results.

CMOE’s Bottom Line Leadership process is geared towards organizations that strive for:

  • Better execution on goals related to higher productivity, top-line growth, cost management, profitability, or other key performance metrics.
  • Learning and development initiatives that are tied directly to the bottom line of the business.
  • Maximization of the organization’s talent by developing leaders’ abilities to communicate, motivate, and coach team members about their contribution to the organization’s bottom-line performance.
  • Higher levels of ownership and accountability for results in every area of the business, which will lead to long-term organizational success.

Objectives & Outcomes

CMOE’s proven Bottom Line Leadership process is based on the understanding that measurable change and the development of new skills doesn’t happen through hosting a single learning event. Bottom Line Leadership uses an experiential, structured process that was designed to initiate lasting behavior change and ensure improvement on targeted business results. Over the course of a few weeks, the Bottom Line Leadership process and its outcomes affect the organization in significant ways:

  • Creates an immersive, application-driven experience that awakens discretionary performance and motivation and focuses attention and energy on genuine behavior change.
  • Clearly defines expectations for individual, team, and leader performance on important performance metrics and targets.
  • Improves the quantity and quality of performance feedback, coaching, and goal-setting to build ownership and increase employee commitment.
  • Develops a sustainable culture of accountability and ownership, as well as a greater sense of purpose.

Our Approach

The Bottom Line Leadership process provides leaders and managers with training, guidance, and tools related to leadership and scorekeeping, with a specific focus on the most-critical management and leadership skills needed to accelerate improvements in performance throughout the organization. The process is ideal for front- line leaders, mid-level managers, and executive-level leaders.

The experiential, structured process takes place in six incremental sessions, and the results of this initiative are impressive and long-lasting. Organizations who have implemented Bottom Line Leadership begin to reap incredible results in just a few short weeks, and its longer-term impact can be seen clearly in the organization’s bottom line.

“Dreaming is wonderful, goal setting is crucial, but action is supreme. To make something great happen, you must be busy and make it happen. Take that action step today that will put you on your path to achievement."

~ Greg Werner

“I am all for progress. It is the change that I don’t like.”

~ Mark Twain

“Looking back is helpful, but looking forward is essential.”

~ Old Adage

“Measurement should make people feel empowered and motivated.”


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