CMOE’s needs analysis and organization assessments are designed to help leaders and stakeholders at all levels understand strengths and pinpoint opportunities for improvement within their organization. CMOE tailors a needs analysis or organization assessment to address a client’s specific purpose and desired outcome. Rather than performing an “academic” analysis, we design needs assessments that focus on gathering substantive feedback and insights from selected segments of the organization. Using this approach we are able to identify trends, ideas, needs, and issues that management can act on to create a positive change.

The goal with each needs analysis and culture assessment is to measure people’s perceptions of reality, and provide useful metrics and priorities to focus on in order to optimize performance. There are many types of needs analysis and organization assessments that can be utilized to gather relevant data, including:

  • Culture assessment
  • Learning and Deployment needs analysis
  • Competency assessment
  • Organization effectiveness assessment
  • Survey Feedback Action (SFA)
  • Team development needs analysis
  • Performance measurement
  • Strategic effectiveness

A quantitative needs analysis or organization assessment can be supported by other information gathering techniques, including direct observation, interviews, focus groups, work samples, etc.

The assessment process is a tremendously valuable learning and planning tool: stakeholders interpret results, facilitate collaborative problem solving in groups, set organizational priorities, and successfully plan for and implement change, and hold team members accountable for their actions.

How Do You Get A Needs Analysis Started?

Here are some steps you can take to get a needs analysis or organization assessment started.

1) Define the primary purpose and goals.

2) Consider the resources available.

3) Determine the audience.

4) Develop the assessment or identify a trusted partner.

5) Break up results into immediate issues or needs to address and secondary priorities to address later.

6) Share findings and plans to address the data with the organization.

How Needs Analysis and Organization Assessments Can Help You

A needs analysis or organization assessment provides valuable information and will help an organization:

  • Identify gaps and issues in the organization that will have impact on the execution of the strategy.
  • Discover what steps need to be taken to create a high-performance organization.
  • Pinpoint the organizations competitive advantage and ways to leverage it more.
  • Discover the root cause of turnover and how to improve engagement, retention, and commitment of employees.
  • Reveal gaps in leadership and/or employee competencies.
  • Provide clear direction for your talent development and educational curriculum.
  • Identify functions and activities that need organization development interventions.
  • Recognize and identify problem areas and weakness that are inhibiting the creativity, energy, and commitment of people and the organization’s ability to stay competitive.
  • Understand leadership and employee beliefs, attitudes, and perceptions that affect the business, giving you new insight about the way the organization functions
We have partnered with CMOE to deliver meaningful development opportunities for our sales staff and could not be happier. CMOE has gone over and above to learn the details of our business so that they can deliver an experience tailored to our industry. — Venessa Knoblock

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When Would an Organizational Needs Analysis and Culture Assessment Benefit My Organization the Most?

  • The organization has gone through a major change, either leadership or structural
  • A periodic review and checkup is needed
  • The organization will be going or has recently gone through a major re-organization
  • The organization needs to begin moving towards new levels of performance, profitability, quality, and employee engagement because its future success is at stake.
  • The organization’s leadership wants to sustain and preserve the current culture

The Assessment Process

CMOE’s team goes through a detailed process to ensure that our clients will reap the maximum benefits from conducting organization and culture analyses:

  • Facilitate initial consultation to explore the organizations needs and desired outcomes.
  • Construct a tailored plan to address the objectives and purpose.
  • Build and refine the needs analysis or assessment tool.
  • Deploy the assessment.
  • Conduct statistical processing.
  • Diagnose and interpret results (with a complete summary and detailed report).
  • Provide a thorough review of assessment results.
  • Give recommendations and suggestions for areas needing improvement.
  • Offer support through problem-solving skills and action-planning strategies.
  • Conduct follow-up assessments and provide ongoing collaboration, as needed.

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What is the Payoff?

The information obtained by going through this process will provide your organization with a foundation for evaluating strategic decisions and making positive changes that will help it stay successful—now and in the future.  CMOE’s needs analysis and organization assessments will help you identify and find solutions to real issues.

We invite you to speak with one of our Senior Consultants or Design Team members on a complimentary basis to discover how CMOE’s Organizational Needs Analysis and Culture Assessments can help you increase employee performance, enhance business effectiveness, and take your organization to the next level.

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