Full Curriculum Development and Design

CMOE recognizes that every organization is unique and understands that our clients need learning and development solutions that meet their specific (and sometimes complex) requirements. CMOE views the development and customization of training curriculum as an exciting challenge and a great opportunity to collaborate with our clients. Because of our extensive experience and dedicated Design Team, we are able to efficiently develop effective and affordable custom learning solutions that build a sustainable, high-performance culture.

CMOE designs curriculum for all types of audiences, including new leaders and managers, experienced leaders and managers, employees, supervisors, and executives. The curriculum can be delivered in a variety of ways:

  • Self-study experiences
  • One-time training events
  • Integrated learning experiences and curriculum

Our Approach

CMOE creates custom training solutions for our clients in three different ways:

  • Tailoring previously developed CMOE content (one or more topics)
  • Blending previously developed CMOE content with internal client material (one or more topics)
  • Creating completely new content or programs that are based on specific competencies or needs

Our thoughtful design process is built around a series of specific, vital steps that create lasting performance solutions and lead to positive results for organizations and the leaders or team members who need development. From concept to launch, we dedicate our entire Design Team to brainstorming, researching, planning, writing, and producing a learning solution that reflects our clients’ needs, goals, and desired results.

“I would like to congratulate you for meeting all of the requirements I had requested. A very tough assignment, which you delivered on each and every count!”

~ Dirk J., Business Unit President

“Too many training initiatives fail because of one-size-fits-all packages.”

~ McKinsey & Company, Why leadership-development programs fail

“CMOE recognizes that every organization has unique leadership and development needs and collaborates with clients to identify specific solutions for their requirements.”

Benefits of a Custom Learning Solution

Creating Custom Learning Solutions has many benefits for an organization, some of which include the following:

  • The training and learning experiences are seamlessly linked to the organization’s internal competency models.
  • The program content is fully aligned with the organization’s unique culture, philosophy, mission, and strategy and reflects the realities of the organization’s industry and position in the marketplace.
  • There is greater end-user acceptance of the content, and the risk of introducing an ineffective solution is minimized.
  • There are higher levels of participant interest in and commitment to learning the concepts and developing the competencies.
  • Retention of material and long-term sustainability increases.
  • The organization has a training solution that is reusable and consistent as the organization grows.
  • Topics of interest can be studied more deeply because irrelevant topics or activities are eliminated.
  • The participants’ time away from the job is maximized because the learning is directly related to the organization’s goals.
  • The content is branded according to the organization’s requirements and specifications.

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Full Curriculum Development and Design

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