Mini-MBA Program: All The Training Without The Schooling

business acumentDeveloped at Columbia University, the Bottom Line Mini-MBA is a management and executive development program that aligns your people around the common language and analytical tools of business.

This comprehensive program gives them the business insight and understanding they need to “think in real time” in today’s fast-moving corporate environment.

The course provides participants with a clearer vision of financial objectives and metrics, sharpens business acumen, and lays the groundwork for smart, business-savvy decision making that will favorably impact your company’s productivity and profitability.

About the Workshop

Gaining competence and confidence in business essentials.

This innovative training course has been delivered to thousands of executives and managers in Global 50 companies throughout every region of the world. It improves performance by:

  • Demystifying the basic principles of sound business practices.
  • Providing a practical understanding of the fundamental building blocks of business: economics, strategy, finance, accounting and marketing.
  • Teaching the language and skills needed to effectively and fully participate in today’s decision making process.
  • Challenging “conventional wisdom” and developing the ability to think, adapt-and thrive-in a continuously changing corporate and economic climate.

Building a solid foundation for leadership.

The Mini-MBA jump-starts leadership development. It improves communication, increases engagement and enhances performance by getting all your people on the same page. Participants will come away with a clear understanding of how the business works and how it sustains profitability. They’ll gain valuable insight into how all the parts fit together—and they’ll know with certainty how their individual contributions affect and must drive the bottom line.

Who will benefit from the Bottom Line Mini-MBA?

The Mini-MBA program is designed for anyone whose work impacts—or should impact—your company’s bottom line, and who would benefit from a more solid base of business knowledge. High-potential employees are ideal candidates, as well as successful professionals who have excelled in their specialized discipline— engineering, sales, HR, manufacturing—and are assuming expanded management responsibilities. The training equips your decision makers with critical business skills that might otherwise take years to develop. It can also be an excellent refresher, and often a valuable eye-opener, for experienced managers, even if they already have advanced business degrees.

There are lots of “Mini-MBA” courses out there. How is this one different?

For starters, the materials are timely and instantly relevant; this isn’t education in a dry vacuum. Our researchers are constantly combing current news and global events to bring cases and media coverage into the course. The course is updated with thought-provoking topics that help the group explore what’s really going on in your industry and in the business world today.

The learning environment is non-intimidating, and at the same time, intensely interactive. There are no formulaic or canned presentations, no eye-glazing monologues.

Finally, the Bottom Line Mini-MBA is all about action and application. Participants are given all the tools and help they need not only to apply the learning from the training, but to make it an integral part of their day-to-day management and decision making.

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Aligning course structure and content with the needs of your business.

The structure and content of the Bottom Line Mini-MBA program can be aligned to meet the unique needs of your organization. You can choose from three options:

  • Comprehensive process that includes online pre-training assessment, progressive training modules, mid- and post-training assessments, and a final composite results report.
  • Stand-alone 3 or 5-day course covering a core curriculum plus supplemental content to address the particular responsibilities of the participants.
  • Training to suit highly individual situations, configured from a la carte segments.

To assure maximum impact, training is scheduled at your site, exclusively for your own group.

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