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Challenges faced by learning and development professionals


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1) Greater Alignment Drives Greater ResultsTeam alignment and having the ability to execute are factors that differentiate high-achieving teams from the rest. Most teams are striving to be better, but they struggle with all kinds of operational challenges and problems. Finding solutions to these problems while managing the daily routine can consume enormous quantities of time and precious resources. CMOE’s proven approach helps teams achieve alignment by focusing on three critical areas: Business issues and dilemmas; team effectiveness, collaboration, and trust; and leadership competencies and behaviors. Through CMOE’s alignment process, organizations identify their key opportunities for improvement, accelerate their transformation, and get the results they need.

2) Strategic DNAStrategic DNA is a key component of all successful organizations. These vital qualities not only make leaders strategically savvy, they also help them pass on values and attributes to others and actively shape the future of the organization. Strategic DNA consists of seven essential qualities: Ownership, Tenacity, Risk, Agility, Awareness, Driving Change, and Vision. These critical characteristics allow leaders to deliver short-term results while they concurrently orchestrate the strategic changes needed for the organization to compete and survive over the long term.

3) Creating a High-Performance Global TeamWhen striving to create a high-performance team, bridging the distance between global team members can be a significant challenge for leaders. To achieve high performance and keep project-team relationships productive and outcomes on track, leaders need to take deliberate action in three crucial areas: communication, relationships, and team community. Working remotely can make people feel disconnected from the team and organization; finding ways to develop consistent communications patterns draws them together. Also, making relationship-building a priority fosters mutual trust and respect. Creating a sense of community helps all team members feel that they are working towards a clear mission and a common purpose and cultivates open communication across the team and organizational boundaries.

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2) Coaching Employees: 5 Coaching Power Words

3) The Difference between Operations and Strategy

Most-Requested Workshops

1) Customized Leadership-Training Programs – CMOE provides customized design services to assist leaders in developing a broader vision, introducing change, engaging the workforce, and sustaining competitive advantage for the business. Leaders are continually challenged to achieve high expectations and perform beyond their current capabilities. CMOE’s customized leadership programs help leaders maximize their effectiveness and contributions to the organization and equip them with the most relevant knowledge, skills, and tools available today.

2) Customized Supervisor Development – Research indicates that front-line managers do not receive enough training to prepare them for taking on leadership roles successfully. CMOE works with our clients to design effective, cost- and time-sensitive solutions to the unique issues front-line leaders are facing. These sessions are packed with fundamental ideas, tips, and real-time application.

3) Applied Strategic Thinking® – The Applied Strategic Thinking® workshop is designed to help people at all levels develop the ability to think proactively, be strategically agile, align their efforts with the strategic direction of the business, and drive strategic change for the organization.

CMOE Resolves Multiple Team Development Topics:

Building Accountability

Business-Planning and Process-Mapping

Coaching Skills

Communication and Listening

Conflict and Collaboration


Effective Supervision

Emotional Intelligence

Executive Coaching

Facilitation Skills


High-Performance Teamwork

Leading and Managing Change

Leading Groups to Solutions

Leading Innovation

Motivation and Recognition

Organizational Effectiveness

Personal Impact

Problem-Solving and Decision-Making

Qualities of Leadership

Strategic Thinking and Strategic Leadership

Supervisor Development


Transition into Leadership


Virtual Leadership

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