Category: Coaching

Cultivating A Culture For Coaching In The Workplace

It is difficult to see very far into the future. Yet, one thing is quite certain: leaders and managers will have to behave quite differently than they have in the past in...

Lessons Business Coaches Can Learn from Successful Sport Coaches

Is there a unique product or “value added” by the team that goes beyond a sum of its parts? A colleague has helped more than one team by asking its members to...

Three Methods of Employee Development for Professional Growth

Smart, strategic leaders have a keen understanding of the fact that the people who work alongside them every day are the business’ single greatest resource. Unfortunately, this valuable asset is also one...

The Value Of A Coach

The following terms mean pretty much the same thing: coach, mentor, life coach, educator, counselor, adviser, guide, teacher, trainer, tutor, instructor. Did Michael Jordan or Karl Malone accomplish what they did by...

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