The CoachLeaders have always experienced challenges regarding guiding and influencing the performance of their team members. In the past, productivity and success depended on sheer muscle and sweat.

Today, however, the powerful forces that shape the leader’s destiny and future role include technology, competition, and the desire for employees to be meaningfully involved in their work.

The need for quality, service, and effectiveness is stimulating a demand for employees who think, feel, and act like responsible partners in the organization.

Now and in the future, reinvigorating employees, peers, and managers through coaching will be critical to the success of both leaders and businesses.  More than ever, leaders need to inspire employees with contagious enthusiasm in order to deliver quality services and products.

The Coach: Creating Partnerships for a Competitive Edge is the first research-based book written on the topic of coaching in a business environment and published by CMOE Press. It provides refreshing ideas and strategies to help leaders cope with the demands and challenges of their calling.

The Coach is about the business coaching process, and the skills, behaviors, courage, and values leaders need to possess in order to evoke employee commitment and motivation. This is essentially a how-to book with a lot of specific recommendations for action concerning what to say and how to handle different business coaching situations.

The authors provide a unique close-up account of a true-to-life manager who discovers the obstacles and challenges of helping an employee work through a difficult time. This leader ultimately discovers the keys to business coaching success and averts a career-threatening disaster.

Many books on leadership focus on general theories, while others treat the topic of business coaching in a shallow and oversimplified manner. From over thirty five years of research and observations, Steven J. Stowell, Ph.D. and Matt M. Starcevich, Ph.D. have collected data that provide a rich and deep understanding of this topic.

Readers that approach The Coach as a serious learning tool will receive numerous take-aways related to the following elements of business coaching:

  • The 8-step coaching process is used by successful leaders in organizations of all shapes and sizes.
  • Each of the eight steps requires important supporting skills to make the steps work as efficiently as possible.
  • One of the keys to effective business coaching involves some degree of advance preparation.
  • The coach must possess the right mental attitude in order to produce successful communication
  • Every leader that is new to business coaching will receive numerous tips and insights that will make every coaching situation more successful.

This book will help leaders turn what is typically an uncomfortable—and often avoided or mishandled—task into a productive, one-on-one experience for the leader and their team members.

Anyone who is interested in taking his/her leadership role seriously and who would like to turn teams into highly motivated units, ready to take on the competition and challenges of the future, must read The Coach. They will find valuable guidelines, ideas, concepts in this book that can be implemented immediately.


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Josh Nuttall
Josh’s role and experience at CMOE has been supporting the development of curriculum design for a wide variety of leadership topics and organizational issues and challenges.

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