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About Tony Herrera

Dr. Herrera, a resourceful and people-oriented professional, has had more than 20 years of global leadership and organizational development experience in a wide variety of industries before he became the Chief Talent Officer for Schreiber Foods. Prior to his position with Schreiber Foods, he served as Regional Learning Officer for Pfizer, Inc. based in New York City, NY. At Pfizer, Tony was responsible for Asia and Latin America. In this role, he designed and led a global learning strategy for over 15,000 developing leaders. Before joining Pfizer, Tony worked at Boeing, 3Com, and Merck. Dr. Herrera is a responsible and self-directed leader with an excellent record of achieving challenging objectives. His perspective is very different, having been on the “inside.” He has a greater understanding and insights into what companies really experience and the challenges they are trying to overcome because he has lived them. He has facilitated an extensive amount of leadership development in a variety of setting to audiences in nearly 50 countries.
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