Regardless of who drives the discussion, when done well, coaching is a management skill that gets business results while creating solid relationships.  Coaching is a valuable skill, not only to the manager who hones and crafts the ability to effectively coach others, but to the employees who are recipients of the coach’s guidance—and the coach need not always be a person with positional authority.

The power of peer coaching is often overlooked, and it deserves another glance. Although there are some limitations and barriers to the use of peer coaching, if used properly and effectively, this type of coaching can help all members of the team

  • Improve cooperation.
  • Increase collaboration.
  • Develop influence.
  • Achieve team results.

As with all coaching techniques, the key to success with peer coaching is to listen and ensure clarity of understanding.

By using this technique, team members at many different levels will be better prepared to actively develop strong relationships with their colleagues and support the team’s collective pursuit of the organization’s larger goals.

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