Top 30 “Hidden Gem” Leadership Blogs

The Research

In January of 2013 we released our list of the Top 30 Socially-Shared Leadership Blogs. We went through a quite a process to find these top 30 blogs. We know that it wasn’t a perfect process as we were later told that we missed some great blogs that probably would have qualified. In response to your feedback, we’ve taken that effort one step further.


Hidden Gems

The research we did to find the Top 30 actually produced a list of 86 leadership blogs. So we decided to highlight the next 30 in our list. We’re calling them the 30 “Hidden Gem” Leadership Blogs.

Although these blogs had fewer social shares than the top 30, we think they are worth looking at and following. The social share data were pulled between December 5th and 7th of 2012. Here is the list of “Hidden Gems:”

The Results

RankBlog Name # of
Tweets +1s Pins LinkedIn
Social Shares
1Jamie Notter30103643981001201750
2Dan Black on Leadership3916499373415078724
3Joseph Lalonde43388113359443980654
4First Friday Book Synopsis8688874919245650
5Tom Asacker15113404927172617
6Dan Hawkins Leadership7219176341312706593
7Leadership Principles6911558640100313560
8The Rainmaker Group3616542269431140525
9Michael Roberto525152230710190513
10Jeremie Kubicek23118951513321135499
11Lead on Purpose121049127140128463
12Rich Gee2325371637133285416
13Gina Abudi40752528640025415
14The Leadership Hub475120122533020404
15Leadership Watch – Aad Boot3114026791101393
16Coaching Tip331903412027380
17All Things Workplace5320025511371363
18Bret L. Simmons6282872053049320
19Josephson Institute596040101252072309
20Leadership with Sass231026537851011301
21TT Mitchell Consulting2717341616211051291
22Azzarello Group116441181077051288
23Eric Jacobson23231811892040273
24Modern Servant Leader15204431221327220
24Stephen Shapiro966722941030220
25Management Blog33212013510058217
26Management Craft1317015315038214
27CMOE – Leadership in Action2276042746102210
28Leadership Unleashed89901201063202
29John Baldoni1811501394033192
30David K. Hurst1381801400131171

Search The 30 ‘Hidden Gem’ Leadership Blogs

Use this customized Google search to find what you need from the ‘hidden gem’ leadership blogs. It will search only these blogs for results. Enjoy!

Feedback or Suggestions?

If you have suggestions or know of a blog that you feel should be considered in future lists, please tell us by emailing info [at]

“A genuine leaders is not a searcher for consensus but a molder of consensus.”

~ Martin Luther King, Jr.

“Courageous leaders inspire innovation and challenge others to take risks.”

“Organization success comes through the courage and willingness of leaders to invest the time and energy to enable others to reach their potential and in turn help the organization achieve its vision.”

~ Steven J. Stowell, Ph.D.

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