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Our organization has several different experiential exercises we use in conjunction with our workshop materials. Some of these exercises are very elaborate Blog - Reorganize your organizationcontaining many different pieces and components.  These need to be organized in to “kits” so the exercise can run smoothly for both the facilitator and participating teams. Once the workshop is completed, the materials are shipped back to our office.  Most of the time, the pieces appear to have been literally scooped up and shoved into the box in no particular organization.  Obviously, we need to reorganize the exercise and get it back into a kit for the next workshop.  It always amazes me how, out of such an unorganized mess, a very organized exercise kit emerges. I truly feel a sense of accomplishment when our team takes an unorganized mess to the reorganized kit.

It occurred to me as I was going through the process of putting one of these kits back together, that many companies, or departments within the company, may be faced with this same situation. The company, or department, at one point, was a very smooth running, high performing organization.  All the pieces and components fit precisely and were where they needed to be to work at the optimum performance level.  Then, an event causes an upheaval and disrupts that organized state.  It may be layoffs, terminations, resignations, or the need to meet the changing needs of the business world.  The company is then faced with the need to reorganize itself to get back to that smooth running state it was in prior to the disruption.

At first it seems a bit overwhelming as you look at the mountain of mixed up parts and you wonder if it will ever resemble that organized “kit” it once was. When trying to reassemble these complex exercise kits, I find it helpful to take a step back and assess the situation.

First, assess what you have and what is working well and does not require your immediate attention. Second, assess what your needs are and what does require your immediate attention.

Chances are you have most of the components or pieces you need, the trick, however, is to organize them in a way that will help your company or department function to its full capacity. If you require additional items, you probably have a good idea where to go to find them.  There may be times, however, even when you know what your needs are, but you have time constraints or not enough help or resources to accomplish the task.  There are also times when you truly need some assistance in assessing your situation to determine what direction would be best to take at this point.  CMOE has assisted many companies in getting their organizations back on track and others who want to develop a more skilled and high performing organization.  Sometimes taking a step back or seeking an external perspective of the chaos can be the catalyst needed for greater success.

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