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In CMOE’s constant effort to provide the best business coaching skills products, we recently updated and reproduced the well-known “Gene and Jerri” Coaching Skills demonstration video.  For those who are not familiar with Gene and Jeri, this training demonstration video illustrates what an effective business coaching conversation should look like using CMOE’s research-based Coaching Skills methodology.

In response to the interest we received about the new video, we thought it would be fun to provide you with an idea of what took place behind the scenes. Here are a few fun facts, along with a few pictures taken during the filming of our updated Coaching Skills demonstration video.

  • The character Gene, who served as the coachee, was initially wearing a blue dress shirt that was approved at the dress rehearsal. However, on camera and under the lights, it looked like an electric blue color designed for a disco dance. At the last minute, a wardrobe change was made when Chris Stowell, Vice President of Sales and Marketing, showed up in a blue dress shirt. The blue he was wearing looked much better on camera, and a swap was made.
  • It snowed two days in a row prior to the shoot, resulting in a very cold studio. The heater could only be turned on between breaks in filming, so it warmed up about every 2 to 3 hours. The temperature in the studio fluctuated between 50 and 70 degrees °F (10 – 21 °C).
  • Because of the heavy snowfall, the roof in the studio unexpectedly started to leak. A few 5-gallon buckets hung from the ceiling about 15 feet above the actors to catch the dripping water.

A lot of resources were required for this production. The following is a look is a look at what was required:

  • Cameras used: 3
  • Replacement cost of all three cameras -$80,000
  • Cameramen: 3
  • Audio techs: 1
  • Directors: 1
  • CMOE staff members: 4
  • Makeup artists: 1
  • Number of scripts: 2
  • Number of times each script was revised or edited: 7
  • Length of video shoot, from set-up to take-down: 8:00 am to 6:30 pm
  • Number of videos produced: 2
  • Length of the pre-planning phase: 3 months
  • Length of post-production editing phase: 2 days
  • Total production time, from initial concept to project completion: 18 weeks

Here’s a sample of the end result:

The CMOE team has extensive experience in producing custom learning and development videos that apply to a global audience. If you have a scenario or video idea you would like us to help you produce, contact us and we’ll be glad to get our expert team involved.


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