Every one of us likes to see results; whether it’s in the work we do, our investment portfolio, or other activities, good results make us want to celebrate success. Bill Gates has been consistently ranked as one of the world’s wealthiest men.  It’s hard to argue with his track record in business or philanthropy.  Regardless of his approach, philosophy, or business style you can’t argue with the effectiveness and success he and his organizations have had.

At a recent Town Hall forum for MBA program students at Columbia University, a Masters student asked Bill Gates the following question:

Student Question:  My name is Erica and I am a second-year student.  My question is for Mr. Gates.  What is the most important thing you do every day?

Bill Gates Answer:  Well, I do a lot of variety.  I think reading a lot, you know, and continuing to learn.  I’m in a lot of new areas in the Foundation, education, health.  And I love reading a lot.  So I think, you know, arming myself with that knowledge and sitting down with people who live the topic and brainstorming with them, that’s what helps me back the right people and make sure I know what’s going on.  So I guess I’d say learning is what is the key thing.

Armor Shield_xsmall“Arming” yourself and your employees with knowledge is so important.  What would organizations look like if we “armed” people to be results based leaders who understand how to increase profit and drive bottom line results?  This can be done, by exploring and discovering what really matters and how to properly measure results.  I’m not talking about more reports, more charts, more graphs, to bore people with.  I’m talking about engaging individuals to measure and do it in a way that speaks to them as individuals.  It is about how I fit and why I matter.
Whether you’re looking to drive key results of your business or looking to simply educate employees on finance for non financial managers, arming your people with knowledge to be prepared for battle will ensure more focus around winning as an organization.  It’s hard to argue with results.

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About the Author
Chris Stowell
Christopher Stowell is currently serving as CMOE’s Vice President of Sales and Marketing where he works with multi-national organization to develop their people. His special interests lie in coaching teamwork, strategy, e-learning, and assessment design, and delivery. Chris has a special talent in helping companies assess their organizational effectiveness and identifying key issues and opportunities in order to advance their performance and achieve long term results. Additionally, he has extensive experience in designing, coordinating, and facilitating customized adventure based experiential training events for high performance teams.

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