A Sweet Convergence of Teamwork Fundamentals

Blog - A Sweet Convergence of Teamwork Fundamentals - Chris StowellThere are very few things in this world that offer more satisfaction than the beauty of a high performing team executing something well, and  as a result, experiencing sweet success.  Those that have tasted this type of team success can vouch for its flavor.  Once you’ve had a taste, you will want more.

Observing a team function at its peak level is awe inspiring and at times can even be elegant.  The video example is certainly a great example of elegance and a level of perfection with respect to teamwork.  Regardless if you are a sports fan or not, this is 16 seconds of masterful teamwork.

A 16-second masterful team work Real Madrid

In order to taste the level of success shown in this video, teams must understand three fundamental components of teamwork.

The Individual
Teams consist of many single individuals with unique skill sets and talents.  The individual, with both their strengths and weaknesses, combine with others to create the unique makeup and dynamic of the collective team.

The Collective Team
In the collective team there needs to be a common understanding of who is going to do what, what roles will be assumed, and the relationships that must exist between the individual team members in order to achieve maximum performance.  This is where the individual talents come together to generate a synergy and environment that cannot be achieved at the individual level.  Make no mistake about it– a high performing team can accomplish only what an individual would dream.

The Purpose or Direction
The synergy and power of the collective team also comes when the team converges and unites around one common purpose or direction.  While a team may have multiple goals, every team member must understand the desired end result and how the team is going to get there.  This end result is to win, however a “win” be defined by the team.

If teams understand and utilize these three elements, even at a basic level, they will perform at a degree that most teams will never achieve.  With this knowledge, a little time, experience, and commitment, you team can experience sweet success.

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