Strategy Execution

It can be difficult to shift an organization from an operational frame of reference to one based on strategy, shaping the future the organization wants and needs. All teams encounter some resistance that needs to be managed in order to execute a strategic plan. Great strategic leaders execute their strategy with the help of others. In addition to managing the execution plan, strategic leaders need to guide, inform, and motivate their teams towards specific areas of strategic significance. CMOE’s Strategic Leadership Workshop helps leaders deliver today’s operational results while acting and executing on future opportunities.

Strategy Skills

About the Workshop

In order for strategy execution to occur, leaders need to be able to:

  • Set a compelling strategic direction (a plan to win)
  • Create a strategic course of action for short- and long-term objectives
  • Develop an implementation plan that allows strategic progress to take place while maintaining operational excellence
  • Allow the process to unfold and be sustained
  • Link and align strategic plans with the organization’s high-level strategy
  • Hold people accountable by measuring their results against the strategic initiatives they own
  • Encourage strategic innovation that will create competitive advantage
  • Use fundamental leadership skills to execute the plan and create competitive advantages for the organization


The Strategic Leadership Workshop is a highly interactive learning experience that is built around CMOE’s Strategic Leadership Model, tools, and resources. This workshop features a learning simulation that provides participants with opportunities to develop, or build upon, their strategy and leadership skills. Participants also have the opportunity to assess their current level of effectiveness as a strategic leader and their ability to help sustain the organization’s performance in the future. The learning event concludes with time for participants to begin crafting a strategy for their part of the business by identifying specific actions needed to execute their strategy.

Because each client is unique, we offer the Strategic Leadership Workshop in a one-day, one-and-a-half-day, or two-day format. Our team is available at your convenience to discuss how our Strategic Leadership Workshop, or our other strategy products and services, can be tailored and customized for your organization.

“You can’t have a better tomorrow if you are thinking about yesterday all the time.”

~ Charles F. Kettering American Engineer and Inventor

“If you don’t know where you are going, how can you expect to get there?”

~ Basil S. Walsh American Author

“Drive thy business, let it not drive thee.”

~ Benjamin Franklin American Writer and Statesman

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