About Leadership Training Seminars

Investing in the development of leaders and increasing leadership capacity is essential for organizations to achieve new levels of performance and deliver long-term value to customers and stakeholders in today’s business environment. CMOE’s Leadership Training Seminars provide leaders with the skills they need to maximize the performance of employees, execute on organizational goals and strategies, overcome barriers, and deliver bottom-line results.

Leadership seminars and learning experiences from CMOE focus on the development of key leadership competencies and the capabilities that are vital to the long-term, sustained success of our clients. Through our research and work with leading organizations for over 40 years, we have found that modern leaders need competency in the following areas to help the organization maximize team productivity and effectiveness, build the talent pipeline, and transform the organization in new ways:

  • Successfully transitioning into the role of a leader
  • Mastering the management fundamentals needed to produce results
  • Developing the qualities of exceptional leadership
  • Building a culture of accountability and of engaged and committed people
  • Developing a high-performance team
  • Motivating people to take ownership and do their best work
  • Using a flexible approach to leadership that is based on different situations and factors
  • Communicating effectively and constructively sharing information and feedback
  • Coaching for results and continuous improvement
  • Being proactive and preparing for the future by thinking and acting strategically
  • Leading change and transformation
  • Planning for better business results
  • Managing conflict and reducing silos across the organization
  • Inspiring innovative and creative thinking
  • Creating a culture of trust and collaboration
  • Facilitating group problem-solving
  • Leading with emotional intelligence and building relationships with others

CMOE partners with clients to identify the areas that are priorities for development in each Leadership Training Seminar.

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Leaders can no longer rely solely on their functional skills and know how; they must now have the ability to do so much more.