Leadership Training Seminars

Leadership Training Seminars

About Leadership Training Seminars

Great organizations recognize that investing in the development of leaders is vital to meeting today’s demands as well as delivering long-term value to customers and stakeholders.  CMOE’s Leadership Training Seminars are designed to provide leaders with the skills to maximize the performance of employees, deliver on organizational goals and strategies, and improve bottom-line results.

Seminars and learning experiences from CMOE focus on developing leadership abilities and talents in topic areas that are most important to each client including the following:

Objectives and Outcomes

CMOE is able to deliver stand-alone leadership topics or combine multiple topics into a more comprehensive learning experience.  Regardless of the structure of the Leadership Development seminar, participants are introduced to leadership skills and techniques for creating high-performing teams and a culture of excellence.  Our highly-experienced facilitators will help participants:

  • Identify leadership strengths and development needs
  • Create leadership development goals and define a leadership style
  • Establish communication channels and build trust with their teams
  • Learn core leadership principles and skills in key capability areas
  • Learn how to effectively accomplish work through others
  • Recognize that leadership is an ongoing learning process
  • Balance current needs with long-term strategic objectives

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Our Approach

CMOE’s Leadership Training seminars are based on an experiential learning approach and include models, assessments, simulations, tools, guides, and case studies.  Throughout the program participants are able to leverage their natural skills and improve their capacity to tackle all types of organizational challenges.  CMOE facilitators and consultants have a wide range of experience that they use to guide participants in developing specific application plans that will initiate sustainable results.  We have been successfully delivering these types of customized solutions to clients around the world for over 35 years.

CMOE’s professional design and delivery team are able to create Leadership Development Programs that are a one-time event, a comprehensive leadership development curriculum that spans multiple days, or anything in between.  CMOE also provides stand alone learning experiences on many leadership topics that can be tailored to your objectives and desired outcomes.

Leaders can no longer rely solely on their functional skills and know how; they must now have the ability to do so much more.

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