Conflict Resolution and Collaboration in the Workplace

Conflict arises in even the best-run companies and most employee-friendly environments. However, conflict needn’t be an unpleasant and destructive influence; instead, it can be used as a force for innovation and positive change. If differences are managed properly, they can draw out diverse ideas, create synergy, and foster the development of better relationships. What all learners need, therefore, is a set of skills for resolving conflict constructively and promoting greater collaboration among all members of their teams.

CMOE’s Conflict and Collaboration workshop helps participants develop practical skills and learn key concepts for building more-productive business relationships and creating better working environments. Participants in the workshop learn how to more effectively manage the conflicts and differences that arise as they perform their work, as well as how to create collaborative solutions as they interact with individuals and groups.

Objectives & Outcomes

As a result of participating in the Conflict and Collaboration workshop, participants are able to:

  • Identify collaborative and non-collaborative behaviors in others.
  • Surface and confront underlying core differences and sources of conflict.
  • Diagnose and address conflict in all types of situations.
  • Conduct productive discussions and facilitate positive resolution of conflict that arises.
  • Hold others accountable for using a collaborative approach to resolving conflict.
  • Notice their natural tendencies related to conflict management and resolution and make any adjustments necessary in order to become more collaborative.

Our Approach

The Conflict and Collaboration workshop is a dynamic and engaging learning experience designed for leaders and/or individual contributors who need to be able to manage conflict effectively. We incorporate the following elements into the learning experience in order to help participants build on their inherent strengths while also working on opportunities for improvement in their approach to resolving conflict and collaborating with others:

  • Self-discovery exercises
  • Discussions
  • Short presentations
  • Simulation
  • Model and skills
  • Conflict Styles Assessment
  • Examples and case studies
  • Tools
  • Action plans

Another key element of this unique program is that participants are able to work on a conflict situation that they are currently facing. This allows the conflict-management and conflict-resolution concepts and skills to be practiced and applied to a real-life situation during the program, which facilitates transfer of the learning back to the job.

“Honest disagreement is often a good sign of progress.”

~ Mahatma Gandhi

“Our greatest strength as a human race is our ability to acknowledge our differences, our greatest weakness is your failure to embrace them."

~ Judith Henderson

“Collaboration is an act of leadership because it requires courage and creativity to lead the relationship to a higher state of thinking.”

~ Dr. Steven J. Stowell

“Become a possibilitarian. No matter how dark things seem to be or actually are, raise your sights and see possibilities.”

~ Norman Vincent Peale

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