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The Coaching Effectiveness Evaluator™

Developed by Dr. Steven Stowell and the CMOE development team, the Coaching Effectiveness Evaluator™ is an insightful tool that managers, HR teams, and learning and development leaders can use to help gauge a person’s coaching abilities.

The tool examines ten different coaching skills that collectively characterize a good coach. This simple, yet practical assessment includes a series of questions that highlight areas of strength and weakness within a manager’s coaching style and interprets the coaching ability of that manager based on the answers provided.

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Books on Coaching

The Coach: Creating Partnerships for a Competitive Edge
More than ever, leaders need to inspire employees to deliver quality services and products and build powerful relationships. This book is about the coaching process and the skills, behaviors, courage, and values leaders need in order to evoke employee commitment and motivation. The Coach helps prepare the reader to capitalize on all types of coaching opportunities and have more productive one-on-one coaching discussions. (Hardbound or MP3 Download)
Now available in English, French, and Spanish.

Win-Win Partnerships: Be on the Leading Edge with Synergistic Coaching
Lasting success requires partnerships with the key players in our personal and professional lives. This book is a practical guide for anyone who wants to coach or be coached. Coaching looks at each opportunity or problem as a learning experience. To coach is to find people’s passion and help them excel at work, at school, and even in the family. This book will help you find success in building synergistic coaching partnerships. (Hardbound, Audio CD, or MP3 Download)

Now available in English, German, and Romanian.

“Leaders must learn how to convert employees into allies, not adversaries, without sacrificing standards of quality and productivity.”

~ The Coach: Creating Partnerships for a Competitive Edge

“Our promise to you is that if you will seriously ponder the message of this book, begin practicing the behaviors, and assimilate the values advocated, you will succeed in winning the cooperation and support of your employees.”

~ The Coach: Creating Partnerships for a Competitive Edge

“The essence of coaching centers on building interactions that are safe and that enable the other parties to offer up their ideas and to share information, thoughts, and feelings. Coaching involves skills that lower defense mechanisms so that others can accept input, suggestions, and direction.”

~ Win-Win Partnerships: Be on the Leading Edge with Synergistic Coaching

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