Many organizations recognize the importance of executive leadership training because the decisions and actions taken by executive leaders are constantly under a microscope. The ripple effect of executive choices can impact the entire business.

There is a tendency to put executive leadership training and development aside because of the intense pressure and time demands they are under. But the fact of the matter is, even top executives need ongoing individual and collective development.  CMOE is a recognized provider of executive leadership training.

We find that most executive leadership teams have established a goal of becoming a high-performance team and a model of effective teamwork and leadership for the rest of the organization. When this happens, the executive team will exhibit the following skills:

  • Improve communication
  • Enhance trust
  • Solve problems more effectively
  • Make better decisions
  • Increase the collaboration among leadership team functions
  • Share accountability for enhancing overall business results
  • Engage the workforce around a shared vision and mission

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For over 35 years, CMOE has focused on providing customized executive leadership training solutions that are built on the following foundation and process:

  1. Identify current, underlying obstacles and challenges standing in the way of exceptional leadership and executive teamwork.
  2. Design learning experiences that address the development of key leadership capabilities, such as Strategic Leadership, Conflict and Collaboration, Leading Innovation, Leading Change, Coaching Skills, and Team Leadership in addition to the specific issues the team is facing.
  3. Provide on-going processes, tools, and methods to apply and sustain high-performance leadership and team principles on a routine basis.
  4. Link the team and leadership development process to core business results and productivity.
  5. Explore application of the process with other leaders and teams.

Our high quality and customized approach to executive leadership training drives effectiveness and initiates change in organization behaviors, commitment, and culture.  To maximize the effectiveness of the training, we incorporate pre-work, high-impact simulations, assessments, how-to’s, models, and application strategies into the training framework. The combination of these tested training methodologies and our experienced, senior- level facilitators, maximizes the value of the training and the executives’ time. The training can be delivered to high-potential leaders who will move into future executive roles or for executive leaders who need to further develop their leadership competencies and the performance of the executive leadership team.

Because each Executive Leadership Training initiative is unique, CMOE provides solutions ranging from a one day session to a multiple day format or in modules that extend over time.  To ensure maximum flexibility for our clients, we can deliver the training as part of other executive team meetings and retreats or on a periodic basis.  CMOE’s mission is to partner with clients to increase the performance of their employees and leaders, so in addition to providing development for executive leaders, we offer other premier and complete learning solutions for first-line leaders, mid-level leaders, senior leaders, and individual contributors, which provides organizations with consistency and alignment in leadership development at all levels of the business.

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“Good leaders develop through a never-ending process of self-study, education, training, and experience.”

~ Excerpt from a Military Handbook

“Ask and listen so you can learn and lead.”