Why Learning on Coaching, Consulting, and Teaming?

Why Learning on Coaching, Consulting, and Teaming?


Many organizational leaders are faced with wasted time, redundant projects, and competing goals, yet need to maximize their efforts and the ability to make effective decisions.  To address these challenges, Coaching, Consulting, and Teaming combines coaching and teamwork concepts from our books, “Win-Win Partnerships” and “Teamwork,” with the research-based consulting principles to address these challenges. Through experiential exercises, practical simulations, interactive discussions, skill assessments, and live demonstrations, this learning program provides participants with a set of the key skills involved in coaching, consulting, and teamwork.

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  • Achieve desired results through collaborative approaches.
  • Create partnerships that produce customer commitment and ownership, trust, and credibility for professionals.
  • Engage customers (internal or external) and discuss project expectations, resources, and role requirements.
  • Tackle challenging issues or relationships.
  • Manage conflict and resistance constructively and supporting team members and building strong teams in the process.
  • Provide feedback to others.


  • Pre-workshop survey and feedback report
  • Pre-workshop, article “Grow the People, Grow the Business: An Introduction to Coaching,” by Steven J. Stowell, Ph.D.
  • Comprehensive Participant Workbook
  • Coaching, Consulting, and Teamwork Models
  • Experiential exercise materials
  • Hardbound copies of Win-Win Partnerships: Be on the Leading Edge with Synergistic Coaching, The Team Approach, and Flawless Consulting.


The Coaching, Consulting, and Teaming Workshop can be delivered in half, one-or two-day formats.  Customize formats incorporating blended learning and webinars are also available.   This learning event can be led by an experienced CMOE facilitator at a location of your choice. We also offer “Train-the-Trainer” services, where we provide you with the skills and knowledge necessary to run your own learning sessions.

“Partnerships are strengthened through positive motivational coaching as well as honest, problem-solving coaching.”

“Coaching is an instrument through which we can invest in our players”.

“Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is a process. Working together is a success.”

~ Henry Ford

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