The Leadership Alignment Journey Focuses Teams on Business Results

Many organizations struggle with all kinds of operational challenges and finding solutions to these problems while managing the daily routine can consume an enormous quantity of time. CMOE’s Leadership Team Alignment Journey is a proven approach for helping leadership teams achieve better results, and to do so quickly. The Leadership Team Alignment Journey focuses on three areas that are critical to driving better business results.

We start by working with leadership teams to identify specific, high-priority opportunities for business improvement. We analyze the business challenges and opportunities for improvement and work with you to create innovative solutions, develop an implementation plan, and track your progress.

Next, we focus on creating greater team synergy. We help teams become more unified so they can work together to solve big problems and issues that affect productivity, efficiency, and strategic change in the company. Sometimes this calls for opening the lines of communication across organizational boundaries. Other times, we focus on improving collaboration and trust. Through a combination of coaching team members, providing new experiences, and teaching new skills, we transform the capabilities of the leadership team throughout the business.

The third and final area of focus is developing the skills and abilities of individual leaders, enabling them to drive organizational change and think more strategically. This allows them to achieve the next level of performance. As a result, the organization is better prepared for the future and more competitive than ever before.

A Custom-Fit Leadership Solution

The Leadership Team Alignment Journey is a highly customized experience. It is designed to help leaders apply what they learn right away to support the health and growth of the business. We rely on a variety of problem-solving and learning experiences to make the ideas we explore immediately actionable.

Launching the process in your business comes in three phases. The first is the Discovery phase, where CMOE works with leaders in the company to gather data about the current business situation. Then, we analyze the data to develop a prioritized list of the issues that are creating roadblocks to the business’ performance and results.

Typically, these issues are related to an outdated or otherwise troublesome business strategy, obsolete processes, poor team communication, or problematic group dynamics. Once we determine the specific problems you are facing, we hold Leadership Team Alignment Sessions. These sessions are the hallmark of the Leadership Team Alignment Journey. They bring members of the leadership team together to track and measure the progress the team is making on the issues identified during the Discovery phase. Leaders also take this opportunity to address any other issues that have surfaced and engage in team development.


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During these powerful sessions, the team works together to improve their effectiveness, build relationships, and enhance cohesiveness. The Alignment Sessions also include learning topics that will help the team operate at a higher level.

The third phase of the process provides leaders with the guidance and resources they need to help them maintain momentum and create lasting change. This ensures that the improvements the team has made are sustainable over time. CMOE provides coaches to help leaders continue their progress, manage group dynamics, and track their results over time.

We have helped organizations increase profitability, boost sales, attract and retain talented people, improve business results, and stimulate innovation in the business. Contact CMOE to explore ways that we make a positive impact on your business results and growth using the Leadership Team Alignment Journey.

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