Organizational Effectiveness

CMOE has a highly successful organizational-effectiveness process that can help leaders achieve greater business results by focusing on three core areas of successful leadership. This proven approach helps leaders solve operational challenges, build a more cohesive team, and develop skills for personal improvement.

Leaders must be able to get results, but let’s be honest: there are times when the overall business performance isn’t at the level it needs to be to keep up with a competitive business environment. Sometimes teams are meeting the defined goals, but there are still many areas where improvements can be made. CMOE’s organizational-effectiveness process helps leaders identify the business’ biggest opportunities for improvement.

Over the years, CMOE has worked with many leaders to achieve new levels of innovation and success. Some of the areas where our organizational-effectiveness process has made a huge difference include:

  • Addressing ongoing safety concerns
  • Uncovering new strategies for business growth
  • Standardizing best practices as consistent work processes
  • Resolving conflict among team members.

business resultsThe timeline for our organizational-effectiveness process is tailored to meet each client’s needs. Clients who have urgent needs may choose to implement the process aggressively, while others take more time to notify and invite key stakeholders to participate.

Typically, it takes between two and six weeks for us to discuss your business issues and goals and understand the business situation, clarify outcomes, gather information, agree on a direction, design an agenda, and plan for the organizational-effectiveness project. At that point, we hold an alignment meeting with all leaders, team members, and key stakeholders. After the meeting, we work with you to follow up, review progress, and plan for next steps.

After identifying key areas for improved operational success, the next phase of the process looks at how the team is operating so we can ensure that everyone is headed in the same direction. Common areas of focus for teams include better team communication, cross-training, conflict resolution, and trust. We also work with leaders directly to strengthen their personal effectiveness.

Through one-on-one coaching, leaders identify their strengths and opportunities for development. Together, we work to target and strengthen leadership behaviors that are directly linked to the key business issues the leader is facing. Personal attention and targeted learning experiences allow the leader to grow personally while attaining rapid business outcomes.

We have coached leaders for nearly four decades and have worked on a variety of focus areas to help these leaders reach new levels of effectiveness. Some of these topics include improved delegation skills, enhanced respect among team members, better time management, and the ability to develop and execute the team’s strategy.

Having an experienced partner and organizational-effectiveness process to follow gives leaders the confidence and support they need to take on new challenges and achieve amazing results. Leaders receive guidance, action plans, and tools to drive the business forward. For example, we might provide a checklist of actions to incorporate into daily or weekly leadership routines to maximize the effectiveness of the entire team.

Contact CMOE today to learn more about how we can help you achieve better business outcomes with our organizational-effectiveness process.


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