Teams must get out of their comfort zones in order to reach peak performance and experience growth. CMOE offers team building retreats in beautiful outdoor settings that have a dramatic impact on the participants and the performance of their business. Past participants have called these team retreats “challenges that stretch our limits.”

During team-building retreats, teams can focus on the issues they face using hands-on learning. Being outside of the stress of the office, they can reconnect with one another, focus on important team objectives, and discover how the team is really operating. We have found that when a team is removed from the daily grind, they are less likely to be distracted by interruptions such as email, voicemail, or phone calls. This means they can take challenges seriously, really focus on the learning, and improve their skills and the relationships they have with their teammates. And as an added benefit, working through team issues with peers and colleagues in a stunning environment certainly creates a memorable classroom experience.


Team building retreat, team rafting on a river


We have helped teams build greater trust and focus on their long-term performance objectives by facilitating powerful team discussions in a variety of settings:

  • river-rafting
  • lake excursions
  • beaches
  • low and high ropes courses
  • orienteering
  • spelunking expeditions
  • high-desert hiking

CMOE’s Outdoor Team Building Workshops and High-Adventure Team Retreats can range in length from a half-day to a week-long event. We use a variety of sites that are close to your geographic location almost anywhere across the globe. We offer a variety of settings for your retreat that take your team’s development needs, budgetary concerns, and time constraints into consideration.

Improving Teamwork Through Team Building Retreats

We have been conducting Outdoor Team Training and High-Adventure Retreats with the world’s leading companies since 1979. Our retreats are customized team-learning adventures that will create a lasting impact on your team and your organization. The first step in scheduling your team experience is to connect with our highly trained staff.

In planning the event, we will talk with you to understand your business challenges and the goals your team is trying to achieve. We will explore the dynamics of your team to understand areas of strength and opportunities for improvement.

After discussing your team’s background and business challenges, we will design a team building retreat that will help your team develop practical new skills, meet your organization’s unique needs, and help you get the very most out of your time outside. During the retreat, participants will practice applying their new skills and receive coaching and the tools they need to apply their new skills immediately on the job.

Complete a request form on our website to connect with a member of our team to discuss the content for your event and the practical tools we can provide that will help your team consistently reach higher levels of performance. Linking what is learned at the retreat to the day-to-day business and transferring that knowledge back to the workplace is what CMOE does best.

For more information on how our outdoor team building retreats (or team building seminars) can help your organization reach higher levels of performance, contact CMOE today.

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