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About Team Building Seminars and Workshops

Since the ability to function effectively and maximize performance is crucial for any winning team, it is important for teams to align themselves, focus on how to truly develop as a team, and be positioned for long-term success.

CMOE’s Team Building Seminar creates a positive and memorable learning experience for intact teams, team leaders, or individual contributors that will stimulate the desire for change and application of teamwork skills.  We accomplish this using our experiential learning process that simulates classic problem-solving business cases in non-traditional exercises and learning experiences.   CMOE customizes each seminar to fit the exact needs of the audience and utilizes our research-based Diamond Model of Teamwork to guide teams in identifying team strengths and development opportunities.

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Objectives & Outcomes

The seminar is designed to help participants improve the following areas, in addition to addressing other customized needs:

  • Communication and information flow
  • Cohesiveness unity
  • Trust
  • Innovation and creativity
  • Goal and direction clarity
  • Processes and systems
  • Team member relationships
  • Coordination of tasks and responsibilities
  • Team culture and community
  • Accountability and measurement
  • Problem-solving and decision-making
  • Efficiency and focus

Our Approach

Our accomplished facilitators and consultants help participants see that team issues are normal and natural, can crop up at any time, and cannot be completely eradicated.  We provide participants with the skills and confidence to channel issues in a positive direction so the issues don’t become a distraction or keep the team from growing and flourishing.   We find that the more personal discovery that occurs, the greater the commitment is to team goals, agreements, and action plans.  We encourage personal discovery and reflection so team members focus on teamwork from not only the group perspective but also from an individual team member perspective.

At the end of each team-building seminar, we help participants establish both individual and team actions plans based on what they have learned and experienced.  We incorporate a framework for holding team members accountable for the implementation of specific plans and goals that are linked to bottom-line performance.  If appropriate, CMOE can provide reinforcement opportunities to sustain the team building that has taken place and evaluate the changes that are occurring.

Delivery Options

CMOE’s Team Building Seminar is offered in a one-day, two-day, or multiple day formats and can be delivered at the client location or a convenient off-site retreat setting. Check out our Outdoor Team Building retreats.

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