The CEO of one of the largest, privately-held companies in the world once said, “You have to be more effective and strategically minded than the person in the same role who is working for [your] competitors.” Many leaders understand the need for employees to think strategically, but most struggle to help their team members build the necessary attitudes and skills on their own. CMOE’s Applied Strategic Thinking® Workshop was developed to help employees at all levels throughout an organization become strategic thinkers. Given the speed at which business and technology change, strategic, forward-thinking is a critical asset that will give the organization a critical edge in the marketplace.

I work closely with a Fortune 250 company in the financial industry. One business unit of this firm has utilized CMOE’s Applied Strategic Thinking® Workshop with mid-level managers for the past four years. The leader of this business unit was surprised and pleased when she received an e-mail from one of her team members thanking her for the opportunity to attend this learning event. What’s more, the Director of Strategic Marketing asked to attend the Applied Strategic Thinking® learning event, and after the fact, sent her an extremely enthusiastic e-mail, which I have included below (names and company identifiers have been removed):

“Thank you for allowing me to participate in your team’s Applied Strategic Thinking® program. This course is not something that —— currently offers and is an area of focus for me. To echo what you’ve heard from your staff, this is an extremely beneficial class, and something that can be easily integrated into all roles within ——. I will be strongly advocating to senior leadership in —— that we consider offering this class, and will be passing the strategic knowledge that I’ve learned on to my team, leader, and peers.”

If you are searching for a way to help yourself, your team, your department, or your organization to think more strategically, CMOE’s Applied Strategic Thinking® Workshop is an effective, tried-and-true solution that brings about results. CMOE has conducted empirical research on the topic of strategy and has distilled the findings down to a highly interactive, engaging, and fun learning event. Please contact us for more information on how to get your employees to think, plan, and implement value-added strategies.

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