strategic action - where to begin

What does “strategic thought and action” mean to you personally in terms of your day-to-day operations, work routines, and business activities—and where should you start?

The focus of your strategic efforts depends on the position you fill in your organization and the manner in which you contribute to its strategic vision, but everyone has a role to play in preparing for the future.

We believe that the strategic contributions people can make have less to do with their job titles and more to do with their sphere of influence and the ways in which they can positively impact the organization.

We believe that strategic planning and action isn’t just for C-suite executives.

Strategy is everyone’s job, and organizations must become better at capitalizing on the ideas and talents of every person—leaders and individual contributors alike.

CMOE’s Applied Strategic Thinking™ workshop is designed to help people on the front lines of an organization learn how to think and act more strategically in order to become more proactive and effective at capitalizing on opportunities and minimizing threats.

The core idea behind Applied Strategic Thinking™ is that everyone, leaders and team members, can develop the ability to think, act, and contribute in a strategic way. This is done by helping individuals become more forward thinking and identify strategic opportunities within their own roles and responsibilities.

Additionally, this program helps leaders and team members understand how to balance their daily work demands, so they can also allocate time to longer-term strategic initiatives. As they develop these important skills, they are able to add greater value to the organization, helping it survive and thrive over the long term.

Taking strategic action

A critical part of being an effective leader is having the ability to chart a clear and compelling course of action for a team that will enable them to change and evolve over time.

This is the only way to ensure a team’s continued relevance and the sustained success of the organization.

While Applied Strategic Thinking™ is geared to helping individuals be more effective by discovering a personal “strategic-contribution” concept, CMOE’s Strategic Leadership program is aimed at managers working in the middle and upper levels of the organization who need to set and communicate strategic direction for their part of the organization whether that is a team, department, or functional area.

In this workshop we take an entrepreneurial view of a manager’s role inside the organization, and call this the “Business Within the Business™”. This is based on the belief that an organization is only as successful as its component parts and how well they fit together.

Managers learn the skills needed to chart a course for their team that is aligned with the overarching strategy of the organization and will help them achieve success tomorrow as well as today. This is done by helping leaders think entrepreneurially about their function and lead the way in finding opportunities for their teams to make unique, strategic contributions that add real value to the whole business.

Strategy can be an exciting journey and together, Applied Strategic Thinking and Strategic Leadership aligns the strategic thoughts and actions of leaders and team members in a way that unleashes motivation, shapes a positive future, and ensures sustained competitive advantage.

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