Qualities of Leadership: As A Man Thinketh – Chapter 2

In a previous post I talked about Chapter 1 of As A Man Thinketh, by James Allen. For this entry I want to focus on Chapter 2, Effect of Thought on Circumstances.

I would venture to say that most good leaders are positive people. Their positive attitude and outlook on the future will have a “trickle down” effect on the people they lead. Of course, those who follow and support this type of leader don’t just buy into a positive attitude, but know from experience that a positive outlook is often sincere and not just self serving. A true leader must prove him/her self to be more than a cheerleader. A positive outlook and driven thought process will have a record of success.

Early in my career, I worked for a President of an organization, who thought the independent dealer/distributor network of the organization would be the result of its demise. He often attacked the efforts, successes, and failures of these independents deferring to his internal “corporate” team. As a result, agreements with these dealers/distributors became more and more difficult to renew. His lack of trust led others to develop a lack of trust in him. Many of these people sought alternative business avenues. The circumstance of ill thought was clearly evident. His fear manifested what he feared most, the downfall of his organization.

Insincere or false hope is no more productive than negative thought. It is one in the same. The opposite of negative thought is positive thought and the effect of positive thought on people is a key to success. I’m not saying that a positive outlook is always going to generate success, but compared to that of negative thought, it has a much higher possibility of success.

Positive and productive thoughts lead to confidence in new ideas, sees good in others, and creates a desire for others to live up to high expectations. New ideas, with positive and trusting support will typically lead to more positive outcomes.

I invite you to submit your information below to download your own copy of As A Man Thinketh and read Chapter 2 Effect of Thought on Circumstances. Read it at your convenience and determine for yourself if it has value as a guide to qualities of leadership. It’s a read you can finish today and apply tomorrow.

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