lighthouse-2Like other departments in the organization, the Learning and Development (L&D) department must remain fresh and relevant.

This is difficult to accomplish when employee development methods are need training and the curricula to do so must be created, refreshed, or updated, and effectively delivered by you or a member of the L&D team.

What can busy L&D departments do to move ahead of the curve, improve their department strategy, and stay on top of everything else they have to do?

Developing a department strategy or creating a training program is a time-consuming activity. As an L&D professional, you may have invested time and energy into looking for a tool to help you with this process and come up empty-handed—until now.

CMOE has released a tool specifically designed to help L&D professionals discover new ways to add value to the organization and become a strong source of strategic advantage for the organizations they serve.

Download the Strategic BlueprintIt is called the L&D Strategy Blueprint™ and is essentially a template built from countless resources CMOE uses when hosting strategy retreats for their clients. It is called a blueprint because it is intended only to help guide strategic thinking and planning.

This tool does not use one-size-fits-all cookie-cutter strategy-creation methods in its approach. Rather, its design allows any individual L&D professional, or any L&D team, to create a new strategy, to refresh an existing strategy, or some combination of the two.

The tool is divided into different sections. Some L&D professionals may find every section useful while others may only use one or two to improve an existing strategy.

Each area builds on the previous one, so you can take your time between sections to think, reflect, and ponder the needs of the topic addressed one at a time.

Don’t feel like the tool must be finished in one day, or in one week. Its design allows for and encourages consideration and reflection so the strategy creation process won’t add another overwhelming task to your schedule that needs near-constant attention.

The tool is also a great place to assemble your thoughts and plans in one location as you work through each topic.

Learning and Development departments play a major role in carrying the overall organization strategy forward towards future success. The L&D Strategy Blueprint™ will help L&D professionals focus their efforts in the areas of their jobs that matter most in order to provide the organization with the greatest return on investment possible.

Download your free copy of the L&D Strategy Blueprint™ and use it to help guide you towards a more strategic future.

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