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When team members spend 130% more time learning, and there’s a 159% increase in CEOs driving L&D initiatives at their organizations, there’s no overlooking the value of L&D.

L&D continues to play a pivotal role in managing change and bolstering organizational resilience. Business leaders must consistently prepare with the correct tools and resources to safeguard their people and company.

CMOE is here to drive you in the right direction. Lean on these 23 best learning and development blogs to gain insights on elevating L&D at your organization.

1. The Learning Guild Community’s TWIST

As the official blog of The Learning Guild, TWIST provides bi-weekly blog posts that share a compilation of L&D content, trends, and insights. David Kelly, founder of The Learning Guild and thought leader on all things L&D, curates each post.

2. aNewSpring

aNewSpring offers insights on the latest L&D trends through:

  • Tips and tricks
  • Infographics
  • Podcasts
  • Webinars

The site houses a page, Ger’s Learning Notes, written by Ger Driesen, an internationally renowned expert on learning and leadership.

3. Learning & Development Blog by Dashe & Thomson

Dashe & Thomson’s L&D blog holds numerous articles and guiding tips on current L&D trends of which professionals should be aware.

Here are some of the topics Dashe & Thomson has covered:

  • Performance support for managers
  • Reskilling and upskilling
  • Learning in the moment of need

4. UpsideLMS Blog

As an LMS (learning management system) solutions company, the UpsideLMS blog specializes in the following:

  • Offering guidance on how to enhance the value of one’s LMS
  • Communicating the value of L&D for small- and medium-sized businesses

Recent subjects the blog has covered include:

  • Top 8 LMS must-have features for successful employee onboarding
  • L&D budgets
  • Debunking the top 8 LMS myths

5. Clarity Learning & Development Blog

The Clarity Learning & Development blog offers perspectives on workplace training/learning and leadership development. Their team comprises learning and development consultants and team members.

The blog’s objective is to create more engaged and future-ready workforce members through guiding topics like:

  • Staying up to date on instructional design technology
  • Innovating your training program for the new workplace
  • Upskilling your organization to increase engagement and retention

6. eLearning Industry (eLI)

Made specifically for eLearning professionals, eLearning Industry (eLI) strives to deliver “inspiring, industry-specific content.”

eLI’s blog discusses topics that focus on improving the professional learning experience. These resources tap into soft and hard skills that L&D professionals must carry out to bolster their team’s growth.

eLI offers thoughtful pieces that provide the time and space for reflection via these topics:

  • Leveraging emotional intelligence to humanize and improve the learning experience
  • Age and learning
  • Year-end L&D review, including key lessons from 2022 as you look forward to 2023.

7. MindTools Blog

The MindTools blog aims to provide details on “the very latest in learning.” As a company that offers on-demand learning tools, MindTools covers a diverse range of topics on its blog, such as:

  • L&D Research
  • Tips and Expertise (e.g., gamification in learning, management dos, and don’ts, measuring impact)

8. The ELM Learning Lab

With a mission to “create meaningful learning experiences that build community within organizations,” the ELM Learning Lab offers tips, how-tos, and tools.

Compared to other L&D blogs, ELM offers articles that lean into the psychology and science of learning and how to leverage that to bolster growth at your company.

For example, the site’s Immersive vs. Interactive Learning blog post dives into the different learning methodologies and why they’re essential to apply in the workplace. ELM also offers multiple articles on instructional design.

9. The L&D Academy Blog

The L&D Academy Blog is on a mission to offer clarity to L&D professionals who are new or seasoned in their roles. With the understanding that there can be confusion and a lack of guidance, the L&D Academy Blog smooths out those uncertainties.

The blog provides insightful articles in the following categories:

  • L&D basics
  • Training design
  • Learning design
  • Culture
  • Career
  • Personal development
  • Training basics
  • Management development

10. LinkedIn Learning Blog

LinkedIn’s Learning Blog helps leaders and workforce members enhance and safeguard their roles. The blog offers courses, productivity tips, job-seeking tips, leadership and management advice, and more, taking readers through a diverse and valuable L&D journey.

Many of the tips offered apply to both leaders and team members.

11. Go1 Blog

Go1 Blog focuses on helping “achieve your L&D goals through the latest learning and development insights, trends, and technology.”

The blog covers general L&D topics and industry-specific trends (e.g., construction, hospitality, healthcare). It has 11 specific blog categories:

  • Affiliates
  • Compliance
  • Content partner
  • HR
  • K-12
  • Learning and development
  • Learning technology
  • News
  • Podcasts
  • Product updates
  • Wellbeing

12. Train Like a Champion

Train Like a Champion, brought to you by the Endurance Learning Team, offers guidance on three main categories:

  • eLearning: Creating learning pathways in eLearning, solving training challenges, matching training media and delivery format to business needs, and more.
  • Learning & Development: Topics include updating training materials, starting your own training consultancy, and developing training for a global audience.
  • Instructor-Led Training (ILT) / Virtual Instructor-Led Training (VILT): Crash course for a beginning training designer and creating better Powerpoint decks, among other topics

13. Tesseract Learning Blog

The Tesseract Learning Blog touches on eLearning, professional development, learning design, and leadership. With an emphasis on innovation and quality in their business model and values, Tesseract dives into both evergreen and timely content that addresses the following:

  • COVID-19
  • Learning design
  • Microlearning
  • Mobile learning
  • Compliance

14. Meridian Knowledge Solutions Blog

Meridian Knowledge Solutions is an LMS solutions company. Its blog discusses L&D, career development, learning technology, and learning trends.

Here’s a quick preview of their content:

  • Rise of mobile learning
  • LMS architecture
  • Measuring employee performance with customized reporting
  • Training and upskilling

Having been awarded several accolades, such as Best Learning Management Systems Watchlist 2023 and Tops LMS for Compliance Training 2023, Meridian’s blog carries valuable takeaways from which professionals can learn.

15. LEO Learning Blog

As an eLearning provider, LEO seeks to offer insights into the intersection of technology and strategy.

LEO understands that workplace learning habits and environments are rapidly shifting. The LEO Learning Blog aims to illuminate these critical shifts so learning professionals may equip themselves for what lies ahead.

Some of the blog themes entail:

  • Training vs. learning
  • Hybrid learning
  • Increasing engagement with blended learning
  • Learning games

16. AllenComm Blog

The AllenComm Blog shares “training insights, the latest L&D trends, and tips to improve your training and development.”

As an award-winning eLearning provider, AllenComm has over 130 in-house experts across multiple industries. Its blog aims to provide insights that match organizational needs. The AllenComm team covers topics that include:

  • Instructional design
  • Training
  • Onboarding

17. Learning Forward Blog

A professional association specializing in educator professional development, Learning Forward helps members leverage the power of professional learning to drive their students toward excellence.

The Learning Forward Blog highlights the latest education news and includes actionable learning and development tips for educators.

18. Inspire Group Blog

With over 100 learning and development associates worldwide, Inspire Group takes pride in creating learning experiences to “help solve business challenges and shift behavior.”

The Inspire Group Blog touches on L&D, leadership, and learning strategies and design via article topics such as:

  • Using personas in learning design approach
  • Coaching in uncertain times
  • Getting the most out of your SMEs (subject matter experts)
  • Cognitive learning

19. Learn Amp Insights

Learn Amp Insights offers digital learning solutions backed by multiple thought leaders in the L&D space. The Learn Amp Insights Blog provides excellent learning and development information covering a range of subjects, from L&D trends to choosing the right L&D platform.

The blog also offers insights on people and culture, the employee experience, and risk and compliance.

20. Spiceworks Blog

With a mission to eliminate IT challenges in the tech space by bringing together a network of IT professionals, Spiceworks offers a great learning and development blog. In this blog, you’ll find specific L&D blog topics that cover areas like the following:

  • Top training trends
  • Technology’s role in professional development
  • Using gamification in L&D

21. ATD (Association for Talent Development) Blog

ATD comprises thought leaders coming together to share insights and ideas on the ATD blog and other resources provided by the team. Thousands of blog articles are listed on the page—many of which pertain to the L&D space.

As ATD’s mission is to “empower professionals to develop talent in the workplace,” you’ll likely come across insightful tools to help unlock your team’s growth potential. ATD also provides local chapters where you can widen your network.

22. Learning Solutions

Learning Solutions is a publication focused on supporting learning professionals. Operated by the Learning Guild—a member-driven organization—Learning Solutions aims to bring together a community of learning professionals to share their knowledge.

Learning Solutions’ blog illuminates multiple themes and topics in the learning solutions space, including:

  • Learning culture
  • Emerging technologies
  • Instructional design
  • Management and strategy
  • Professional development

23. Cypher Learning Blog

The Cypher Learning Blog is dedicated to educators, L&D professionals, and knowledge entrepreneurs. The blog posts articles about learning design, L&D leadership, and skills development.

At the top of the page, you’ll find a user-friendly navigation tool allowing you to select from various categories:

  • L&D leaders
  • Course design
  • Online training
  • HR
  • Business LMS
  • ILP (intelligent learning platform)

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