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Innovation is a common term thrown around in business meetings, between cubicles, and in conference rooms all over the world. Business leaders are starting to believe the paradigm, “Innovate or die.” In a lot of ways, they are right.

Think about your current customer base for a moment and ask yourself these questions:

  1. Are my customers satisfied with my current product mix?
  2. Do they expect anything new from my company?
  3. Do we need to create a new mix of flagship products?
  4. Are our current flagship products still selling well?
  5. Where can we become more innovative?

Now that the creative juices are starting to flow, I have left a little space for you to add a few questions of your own. Use the space provided to get more specific as to what you can do personally to add an element of innovation to your role at work and in your life generally.

If you have developed a personal strategic plan, add a point or two around innovation as another value add. And use Jobs’ quote and example of innovation as motivation to improve the world in some way.

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