Many people are intimidated by the word “strategy.” Although its meaning is similar to the words plan, method, approach, procedure, and system, it evokes different thoughts and feelings. Often, when people hear the word strategy they think that it sounds more difficult, require extensive knowledge and expertise, and is only used by business executives. What we would like others to understand is that strategy can be relatively simple. The only requirements are true desire and effort. So for those of you who were feeling intimidated by the word strategy, we would like you to believe that if you want to think and be more strategically, you can!

The first, and often the easiest, step forward to strategy is to obtain a strategic objective. Begin by looking around, familiarizing yourself with your environment, and asking questions. Here are some possible questions to get you moving in the right direction:

• What do I want to accomplish?
• How can I be more successful with my areas of responsibility?
• What are my goals?
• What or how can I improve?
• How can I utilize my strengths?
• What is causing problems or not working?
• What needs to be updated or simplified?

One of the best ways to identify an optimal objective is to consider how you would like things to be different in the future.

If strategy is new to you or feels overwhelming, please continue reading our blog for thoughts, ideas, suggestions, and techniques to help you develop your strategic skills and other strategic planning steps. If you would like immediate action and help, reach out to CMOE for strategy consulting.

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