High Adventure Leadership Retreat—Desert Simulation

Behind the Scenes

High adventure leadership team retreats are more than just an adventure! They are serious activities, but a lot fun work is built in and executed behind the scenes. From the outside, people see great pictures, smiles, excitement, and fun away from the office. The reality is that behind all of the great images and smiles is a simulation, a series of scenarios, task, and objectives designed to help leadership teams move from simply being a work group to a becoming a high-performing team.

Team challenges and dysfunctions are ever-present. The outdoors provides an unfamiliar environment where participants can leave their comfort zones, put aside some of their fears, dig deep, and discover new insights as leaders. These challenges serve as the vehicle by which leadership teams can:

  • Understand how effective their current team is and discover which barriers limit them from reaching their fullest potential.
  • Have courageous conversations about important team issues and challenges.
  • Open up productive dialogue.
  • Navigate through important team issues and challenges.
  • Create greater camaraderie and trust.
  • Gain useful insight and understand about themselves as the individuals that create the team.

High Adventure Leadership Retreats benefit any audience, but are most often designed for, and utilized by:

  • Team Leaders and Project Leaders and Executives (particularly those faced with developing a new team or changing the way an existing team operates and solves problems),
  • Internal learning and development professionals who are interested in using outdoor, experiential events to drive learning and to create growth and development opportunities.
  • Anyone who has a need to challenge or stretch a group of individuals around the concept of teamwork.

If you’ve considered participating in a leadership team retreat, please feel free to contact us. However, if you decide not to use CMOE, be sure the provider you choose:

  • Provides highly skilled facilitators, as well as technicians and technical expertise.
  • Understands how to properly design and set up outdoor simulations that bring forth the elements of teamwork.
  • Is properly insured as a guide or outfitter for the type of event you are considering.
  • Can offer multiple event options designed to fit your time constraints, budget constraints, and team dynamics.
  • Consider an organization that can provide a turnkey operation so that the entire experience if focused on team development and maximizing the precious time away from the office.

Leaving a team with just memories of activities is not fulfilling.  Adventure based experiential learning is the change agent that empowers teams to reach a higher level of performance.

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