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CMOE has been developing executives for nearly 40 years. We know that leaders at all levels face significant challenges in today’s business environment. Our executive-coaching process defines specific objectives linked to business outcomes that are tailored to the unique situation each leader is facing. The personal attention provided by a highly skilled coach allows leaders to achieve rapid changes in behavior that are sustainable for the long term.

What to Expect

We can help leaders become more flexible and collaborative. Team members take ownership for business performance and produce higher-quality results when they aren’t micromanaged. Many leaders struggle to use the appropriate level of authority, empower others, and delegate effectively.

Leaders at all levels need to prepare for a future role in the C-suite. Our executive coaches can help leaders acquire new competencies and learn new skills that will be required for future positions. We deliver personalized learning experiences that enhance the current and future performance of a leader.

During significant organizational changes, many teams experience conflict and performance setbacks. An executive coach can help leaders manage through interpersonal tension, build relationships, and lead teams to higher levels of productivity. We help leaders identify obstacles to success and create a sustainable plan for overcoming performance barriers.

Whether a leader is preparing to launch an important project or wants to enhance his or her communication skills or relationship with a key customer, an executive coach tailors development assignments to meet each leader’s specific needs. Our executive coaches set expectations, provide useful feedback, and monitor the leader’s success.

CMOE’s Four-Dimensional Executive-Coaching Strategy

Our executive-coaching strategy emphasizes the development of four dimensions:

  • We help leaders increase self-awareness and focus on their personal development.
  • We build competencies and skills to develop leadership excellence.
  • We make sure the leader is equipped to help others succeed in the organization.
  • We coach leaders to measure business results and performance.

The process begins with gathering data. First, we select and administer assessments designed to provide information and target specific focus areas for development. Then, we create a strategic plan for improving the leader’s effectiveness. Finally, we define specific coaching objectives and match the leader with an executive coach.

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The executive coach and leader meet one-on-one to define responsibilities, clarify goals, and build a partnership. They work collaboratively to fine tune a development plan with meaningful and challenging assignments. The length of the formal coaching relationship is customized based on the needs of the leader; the leader can meet with the coach weekly, bi-monthly, or as needed during the personalized coaching process.

Throughout the coaching process, the coach will assign reading materials, conduct learning exercises, and provide instruction as needed. The coach can also be on call for urgent issues or questions during critical times. At the end of the formal coaching engagement, a progress report is delivered to senior leadership. An action plan for long-term follow-up and the executive’s ongoing success is always part of the process to ensure that the new skills the leader has learned are applied to real business issues on an ongoing basis.

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We have helped leaders at all levels achieve new levels of excellence and sustain measurable results over time. Contact CMOE to learn more about our executive-coaching process.

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