One of the most important skills a leader can possess is the skill of communication. Not just the ability to communicate, but to do so effectively and towards specific outcomes. The demands our leaders face today requires this skill to be refined and developed in order to be effective with others.

C.M.O.E.’s definition of effective communication: a process that involves sending, receiving, and interpreting messages. Effective communication occurs when the receiver interprets the message (verbal or non-verbal) the way the sender intended. Generally, communication is aimed at influencing the behavior of another person.

Each of us has our own unique communication patterns, and much like our fingerprint; no two are alike. Recognizing your own pattern, including your strengths and weaknesses in communication will allow you to understand your perspective and preferences in various situations. Being aware of the deeper communication pattern, you will be able to see the patterns in others and understand their perspective, preferences, intentions, and meaning. Most importantly, you will be in a position to choose how you want to interact with others and which skills will help facilitate mutual understanding, collaboration, and results.

Effective communication requires time and effortAs a leader, you experience many forms of communication that dominate your day. Whether it’s verbal, face-to-face interactions, conference calls or emails, research suggests that leaders spend 80% of their time communicating. Developing one’s skills in the above forms is crucial to any leader’s personal development.

Effective communication is vital to a leader’s success. A successful leader and team member partnership depends on effective, two-way communication. Constructive and meaningful two-way communication is a rare commodity in busy and competitive organizations. Through the exchange of information, people are able to build trust, align their actions, plan and execute strategies, and ultimately achieve desired results.


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