Sandy, UT  May 15, 2011

CMOE, The International Center for Management and Organization Effectiveness, a world-renowned leader in improving human performance, announced today the availability of its publications in e-book format.

  • Ahead of the Curve: A Guide to Applied Strategic Thinking
  • The Team Approach: With Teamwork Anything is Possible
  • Win Win Partnerships: Be On The Leading Edge With Synergistic Coaching

To celebrate the addition of these titles to Kindle, Nook, and iTunes, CMOE is offering these electronic versions at a greatly reduced price of $2.99 to $3.99 USD for the next forty five days.   Offer ends June 30.

Summary of the Newly Available Books

Ahead of the Curve bookAhead of the Curve: A Guide to Applied Strategic Thinking
by Steven J. Stowell, Ph.D.  and Stephanie S. Mead

This practical guide is for leaders and individual contributors who want to expand and exercise greater strategic influence over their work and their lives.  By looking at current situations and the future with a broader and more proactive perspective, you will become more strategically aligned with your organization’s strategic priorities.  The process described in this book helps to define what is important for the future and to deliver today’s business results while acting on opportunities that will shape the future.  Available in both e-book and hardbound book formats.

The Team Approach book coverThe Team Approach: With Teamwork Anything is Possible
by Steven J. Stowell, Ph.D. and Stephanie S. Mead, with contributions from CMOE’s facilitators and consultants

This book illustrates and elaborates on The Diamond Model of Teamwork, the key building blocks of high performing teams that can be used in virtually any setting.  This remarkably clear and easy-to-understand model can help anyone form and develop a high performing team that is capable of unbelievable achievements.  Available in both e-book and hardbound book formats.

Win-Win Partnerships: Be on the Leading Edge with Synergistic Coaching
by Steven J. Stowell, Ph.D. and Matt M. Starcevich, Ph.D.

Lasting success requires partnerships with associates and other key players in each person’s life.  This book addresses how to create synergistic coaching solutions to life’s challenges, and examines each coaching opportunity as a learning experience.  This book is a practical guide for anyone who wants to coach or be coached.  The principles taught in this book can increase the quality of relationships at work, at school, and even at home.  Available in both e-book and hardbound book formats.

About CMOE (Center for Management and Organization Effectiveness):

CMOE is an International and world-renowned leader in human performance, teamwork, and leadership development training. Founded in 1978, CMOE has extensive experience working with a broad range of industries from around the globe.

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