As leaders, we’re continually trying to improve our leadership qualities and add to our skills. Some of these leadership qualities come naturally, while others take a little bit of effort and practice. Here are 8 qualities that are great for leaders of any organization.

Courage in LeadershipCourage

Courageous leaders have a proactive relationship with their environment; they act rather than react. These leaders seek out information and are entirely informed of potential risks and dangers, but are still willing to face challenges head on.

Leadership humilityHumility

Humble leaders lead quietly but confidently, share credit, and find ways to serve others. They are approachable and drive out fear by allowing people to contribute, experiment, and develop their talents.

Accountability in leadershipAccountability

Leaders who are accountable for their decisions, behavior, and actions take ownership of choices they make, and they don’t dodge responsibility when the results are poor.

Trustworthy leadershipTrustworthy

Trustworthy leaders are consistent with their word and actions. Trust is built over time and is developed by actively listening, acting as a resource, empowering others, being responsive, and recognizing accomplishments.

Communication in leadershipCommunication

Leaders who communicate well with others can use this skill to gain a better understanding of those around them, build trust, align goals and actions, plan and execute strategies, and ultimately achieve desired goals.

Conviction in leadershipConviction

Leaders with conviction possess a passionate determination to achieve plans and goals, the intense drive, focus, and persistence necessary to succeed at everything they set their minds to.

Collaboration in leadershipCollaboration

Collaborative leaders allow people to share responsibility and combine the knowledge, creativity, and experience of others. They are able to produce synergistic, creative, win-win solutions.

Aligned leadershipAligned

Aligned leaders take an interest in anything that affects the productivity and welfare of the team. It means moving beyond your own personal agenda and fully supporting the implementation of the team’s agenda.

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