Any really good manager should constantly be trying to improve their self. There are four basic tips that if you will incorporate into your leadership, will make you a more effective leader and also make you a key player in a future leadership training.

The first thing you should take note of is to “let go”. Trust your employees to do their jobs correctly and finish their tasks. Do not attempt to micro manage your employees, or you will end up working some very long hours and eventually burn yourself out in the process.

Next, “be ethical” in all of your business dealings. All good leaders have to be ethical! If exposed, the damage will be one hundred times worse as a leader than if you were a normal employee. You need to set a positive example; follow all of the rules, even if they appear to hinder rather than help the situation.

Third, remember to be “composed.” Nobody likes to be forced or threatened, especially in the work place. Be the leader who has a cool exterior and one that takes action based on logic, not emotions and not known as the leader who berates employees in public, or the leaders with the hot temper.

Last, persevere. Real leaders never give up! If they fall, they get up again and keep pressing on. Only through perseverance can you stay on the right path and achieve all of your goals and the goals of your team.

If you take time to implement these things in your life, not only you, but your entire team will be showing these same qualities and achieving far more than other similar teams in your organization.

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