Why Teamwork Matters

Teams are a core part of the work done in most organizations and the data is clear and compelling—teamwork is essential to long-term organization success. Today, organizations and people are rediscovering that strong, synergistic teams are the way to enhance employee engagement, solve organizational challenges, and drive results. Although individual initiative and talent play a big part, more often than not, exceptional results and performance requires Team synergy.

How do teams achieve a high level of performance? How do you get the most out of a team? The power of teamwork and synergy comes from shared goals and values, aligned action, effective communication, and focused effort. You tap into this power by making team success everyone’s responsibility. It doesn’t happen by chance. When team members understand that they play a key role in achieving high-performance teamwork, they will more actively contribute their best efforts, ensure alignment, and make a conscious effort to enhance their individual performance and collective performance of the team. To make progress, achieve goals and solve dilemmas, team members need to refine their contribution, be willing to communicate and connect with others, and join forces around essential goals and plans. CMOE’s Teamwork training courses, programs and materials help team members understand how to build and sustain a high-performance team as well as develop teamwork skills at the individual level.

Why Teamwork Training Is Needed

Teamwork training is a solution for teams in any type of work environment and facing a variety of challenges or in various points of development and performance, such as when a team

  • Needs to elevate its current performance
  • Is in the process of rebuilding
  • Needs to strengthen relationships or address differences
  • Wants to build on its success and have a fun experience together

CMOE’s research shows that teamwork training makes a measurable difference in team results and team member satisfaction and engagement. Without training, teams are left to flounder and struggle in finding ways to leverage diverse talents, utilize processes, overcome obstacles, and create a shared vision. Teamwork training events and learning experiences are most effective when they are customized to address the team’s unique needs and objectives, enabling team members to walk away with clear action plans and tools to maximize positive results and build strong, lasting relationships. Common areas of focus and teamwork topics that CMOE works on with teams during training and learning experiences include:

  • Helping a team move through the stages of team development.
  • Identifying strategies for enhanced collaboration and cooperation.
  • Developing problem-solving and decision-making processes.
  • Creating communication processes that help the team become more cohesive, aligned and unified.
  • Developing higher levels of trust, accountability, and openness.
  • Establishing plans and strategies for delivering on organization and stakeholder expectations.
  • Coordinating and aligning with other teams in the organization.

Why Data is Important in Teamwork Training Courses

Teams are more likely to make measurable progress when they have clear data about the current level of effectiveness in key dimensions of team and team member performance. Teamwork data also provides ongoing information about a team’s progress towards important goals and performance targets. Tools like CMOE’s High Performance Teamwork Assessment™ sheds light on a team’s strengths and opportunities for improvement and provides a visual scorecard of the team’s current level of effectiveness and team member satisfaction in seven key dimensions. Backed by extensive research, this survey reveals how the team can unlock its potential and focuses the teamwork training in the areas that will generate long-term results.

The Essential Components of Teamwork Training

A teamwork training course should be practical, systematic, and be built around adult-learning methodology. CMOE’s Teamwork learning experiences are developed around design elements that drive results, including

teamwork training

  • Simulations and exercises
  • Case studies
  • Team discussions
  • Personal reflection
  • A teamwork model and principles
  • Video examples
  • Tools and guides
  • Application plans
  • Ongoing resources for transfer and sustainability

The right team training will help team members overcome obstacles and contribute to creating a team that is capable of strategic thinking and problem-solving in constructive, and innovative ways. With good team training, the team’s sense of trust, cooperation, and sensitivity to others will develop and increase over time.

The Payoff

A high-performing team is an irreplaceable asset to any organization. Committed team members and greater capacity for innovation, and agility are just a few of the many positive and beneficial characteristics of a high-performance team. When teams are built around people with different strengths who can work together in new ways and at greater speed, a team becomes an unbeatable force. Teams of this caliber have the potential to work through difficulties and produce better results in the quality of the products or services they provide and in the efficient use of organizational resources.

Teamwork Training Uniquely Designed for You

CMOE’s teamwork training, workshops, and retreats are an ideal solution for intact teams, special-project teams, other groups, and as stand-alone or modular learning experiences so it can fit with the unique needs of your organization. Our learning experiences are highly interactive and provide each participant with essential teamwork skills and individual feedback from our qualified and experienced facilitators. Each program is customized to the unique needs and challenges of the team, individual, and organization and can be aligned to support other important organizational initiatives. Our teamwork training experience range from half-day live events in a classroom to live-virtual events, to multiple days of intense team interaction at remote locations throughout the world. We also offer self-paced, digital solutions that lay the groundwork for creating a teamwork culture at all levels of the organization.

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“It takes teams of people to collaborate and accomplish truly great things.”

~ The Team Approach: With Teamwork Anything is Possible

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