Team Leadership Training

Although teams can be a strength in today’s business world, many team leaders will confess that, at times, a team can become a source of problems and conflicts. Team leaders have the tremendous responsibility of balancing people issues with task issues, managing differences, overcoming misalignment, and many others.

With so many issues, it takes a confident and skilled leader to ensure that a team stays productive and focused on the task at hand. CMOE has over three decades of experience in providing our clients with team leadership training and customized workshops that are specifically designed to address the needs of each organization.

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Why team leadership training?

For most people, the skills needed to effectively lead teams do not come naturally. Leaders must continually add to and improve upon their team-building skills in order to convert a disparate group of individuals into a high-performance team. In CMOE’s hands-on Team Leadership Training, participants learn to collaborate with one another, building team synergy to enhance team-member performance. Participants also explore techniques used to gain team consensus, commitment, and vision. They learn to respect and appreciate the wide range of skills, experience, knowledge, and expertise that each individual brings to the team.

Our team leadership training workshops give team leaders new skills and teach them to enhance the old:

  • Set achievable goals and accomplish them
  • Be aware of the team’s needs, strengths, and weaknesses
  • Trust and empower each team member
  • Cooperate and communicate effectively
  • Apply and implement the ideas or procedures that the team creates in the workshop

CMOE can create a program to help you

Team leadership training can be delivered in a variety of formats, some of which include seminars, retreats, and webinars. Because every organization is different, our goal is to provide a leadership development workshop or a training and development solution that is customized to meet the unique and sometimes complex requirements of each organization. Our experience working in many different industries, coupled with our ongoing research, gives us the background necessary to design the customized solution that will best serve your organization’s needs.

“No factor is perhaps as critical to success of the group as the way the facilitator communicates, listens, and sets the tone for the group’s interactions.”

~ Leading Groups to Solutions

“The willingness to challenge and dissent is only likely to occur in an environment where the facilitator sets the appropriate tone, establishes safety, and encourages and rewards participation.”

~ Leading Groups to Solutions

“Team leaders share a vision with the people they lead. Leaders know that their own success, as well as that of the group, depends on the support and dedication of the people they surround themselves with.”

~ The Team Approach: With Teamwork Anything is Possible

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