Personal Impact is about becoming your best self, someone who people in the organization gravitate to and are influenced by.  An individual’s personal impact comes from who they are on the inside and what they do on the outside. People with personal impact are able to initiate change, introduce new ideas, and influence others to reach new levels of success.  Today’s organizations need team members and leaders with these essential skills and the ability to feel personally empowered to awaken, excite, and activate others.

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CMOE’s Personal Impact Workshop is designed for team members or leaders who need to develop their personal impact skills. This program is frequently customized to address the specific needs of the business and audience, but is typically built around the following six primary skill sets that guide actions, communication, and decisions:

  1. Drive for Results
  2. Build Connections and Relationships
  3. Live by Core Principles
  4. Build Trust and Credibility
  5. Manage Adversity
  6. Be Emotionally Intelligent

The workshop is structured in a way that helps participants identify opportunities for personal development and growth while reinforcing inherent strengths, building greater self-awareness, and creating action plans and strategies for skill application. The Personal Impact Workshop is available in a one-, one-and-a-half, or two-day format.


Organizations today are faced with the task of delivering long-term results and maximizing team member efforts while building effective, long-lasting relationships. The Coaching, Consulting, and Teaming Workshop helps participants have maximum influence and impact on customers and stakeholders by:

  1. Working with stakeholders to create productive partnerships.
  2. Working in alignment with the vision and mission of the organization.
  3. Developing key skill sets and competencies (coaching, consulting, and teaming).

This learning experience combines coaching and teamwork concepts from our books, Win-Win Partnerships and The Team Approach, along with the principles of Flawless Consulting, by Peter Block. It focuses on building proficiency in engaging others, opening the lines of communication, fostering productive and committed partnerships, and gaining credibility and trust.

Coaching, Consulting, and Teaming is a fast-moving workshop that provides an effective “overview” of the key skills through the use of practice sessions and lively interaction. The program is especially useful for those in staff or “helping” roles. The workshop is offered in a one- or two-day format and can be delivered by a CMOE facilitator or through a train-the-trainer service.


Direct Results Management is a tool, supported by training, that provides companies with a straight-forward system for setting important goals, aligning individuals and teams, tracking time and progress and obtaining fast, focused, measurable results that improve performance by much as 20%.

This training focuses executives/managers’ initiatives and efforts on specific key objectives. This process coordinates and targets these efforts and those of their team members by fostering an environment in which all involved have the responsibility to understand, assess, and give feedback regarding their mutual plans, progress, and needs.  This method reduces wasted time, redundancy, and competing goals while maximizing effort and increasing information sharing and effective decision-making.

CMOE facilitators and consultants guide organizations through the implementation process of Direct Results Management so it becomes a standard practice.  We coach participants in the context of their current situation, goals, issues, and decisions.  The process is typically conducted in 4-8 hour increments each week for six weeks.


Few people, regardless of their level of experience or authority, have the skills necessary to be effective in facilitating the work of teams and leading them to solutions. Yet most organizations use teams to accomplish the work to be done.  For teams to perform at peak levels, someone on the team needs to be able to direct the team’s efforts, harness energy, and sustain motivation.  The Leading Groups to Solutions Workshop is an in-depth learning experience that assists leaders or team members to:

  • Improve communications among team members.
  • Maximize contributions through capitalizing on strengths and minimizing limitations of team members.
  • Set objectives and focus efforts on the team’s and organization’s plans and initiatives.
  • Draw out creativity, innovation, and ideas in a collaborative manner.
  • Support and facilitate discovery.
  • Provide guidance and create a learning team.

This active, hands-on workshop is packed with feedback and skill-building opportunities. Actual solutions and progress are achieved by using “real time” organization issues, thus enabling organizations to “cash in” immediately on this highly effective workshop.

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“Before you can make a difference, you must first establish credibility; others must have confidence in you.”

“True collaboration requires you to let go of your own impulses to act or make decisions alone and allow ideas and input from others to surface in an open environment.”

“Tell me, I’ll forget. Show me, I may remember. But involve me and I’ll understand.”

~ Chinese Proverb